Odell Beckham Jr. | " Rockstar " ᴴ ᴰ | Ft. Post Malone & 21 Savage | NY Giants & LSU Highlights |

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AC Robitaille

Team Cody from now on

The Asus 1060 3gb !

Lol u Tyler grew a beard half one through the video

Fortnite: “A piece of me has fallen”

brian chikowore

1:19 nonce

Random Craze

can't relate

This is Cutie Ringo Joy

Sounds like an ex classmate I had

radhika goli

Who's the panda?

Branjor Aroundtheworld



Don’t you hate it when sand is stuck to the back of your heel while a boogie board is attached and it hits the heel, and it is SOOOO FRIKIN PAINFUL😬😟😫

Pasta Films

Wastage of food

Jaden & Beans


David Endres

No seriously man your videos are perfect the way they are. I despise the box in the corner and the attempt to be quirky. There are thousands of YouTubers doing the same thing and I'm only interested in the content they have provided not their stupid face in the corner. Some are so bad I put my thumb over the box just to make the video bearable. Almost on a daily basis I have stopped in the middle of a video just because the person was trying to hard and they spoke to fast or just said "um" every other word. You have great pronunciation so if you decided to do commentary it would be fine but I would stick to just updates about your channel. My suggestion is to continue doing top ten no matter how old the game/movie is. You can never fail with Easter eggs and fun facts. Keep up the good work.


6:50 can I have the robot dog behind you guys

Chynna Allen

Breezy and dreezy Panic At The Disco = PATD


5:50 the cringe 😂

Foxy Raps

Anyone watching in 2017????

Three R3DGn0m3Warriors

Thanks for being a awesome Easter egg hunter I wish your channel would be more popular everyone would be finding Easter eggs... Thanks for being awesome dude



How the hell is a B bad? i'd be lucky enough to have a C

Isaac Jones

Michael is so tired of them 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

/-\ pple

Kid who liked Frozen: YAY A NEW FROZEN MOVIEKids who hated it but still need to watched it cause their sibling wanted to:aH SHit heRe WE Go AgAIn

Like if like the test


i really really want to go skiing



Jack Le Chien

Why do they not do this in real games

Tori Whetzel

Oh my god! after i saw this video I texted my boyfriend how much i loved him!