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Carly Trumfio

This is different because when you have a guest you don't do battles


People are saying, “oh add parachutes! Those will totally help!”

Arion Sweg

do you want to watch my youtube videoit's called Arion sweg

Fat white guy Yeet

Were are his socks?

samuel botansky

Harry is killing it

becky thompson



I Feel Bad For the pandas in the panda dunk one because i wonder how it feels to be in a swimming pool in a suit. :(



Does anyone Else Think she looks Like zarya from overwatch in the start

(* spits out beer *)


really cool

Only way I can describe them

Илья Кузьмичёв

Dororo on steroids

William Wentz

For cool not coolGarett) space land: red: because you guys are to busy with other vids and stuff. That’s also fake.Coby) snuggle pillow: red: that’s creepy.Ty) chocolate grenades: green: even though I don’t like dark chocolate but I love milk chocolate and it’s a grenade.Cody) mini cannon: both: because I like mini things and working ones are even better. But it almost set the place on fire.Cory) butterflies: red: I could make a diy one easily.

Justin Bartholomew

Love the 2012 drake flow


no black ops works as well works

Horses_for_ Life

you should make a segment with the ones that you missed on

Gucci Games

Best Easter egg ever

Gizardo The Wizard Lizard

That wasn’t baseball that was baseketball


Republic Commando will always be my fav <3 have it for original xbox and Steam

Eli Zabel

I was 7 months old when this vid came out

Jaden Yisrael

9/11 all over again

literally nobody:


Dude perfect should do a laser tag battle

Big Ounce

Actually Happened

The Taco Ninja5

2019 anyone?


There secret conversations all over the campaign one of the best is on Shanghai when u fist get out of the van and run to a gate Pac has to jimmy. don't go through, just wait and listen to how hungry they are. Or the guy on the ladder on the ship.


Just replace the windows with some maxi glass and you will feel save. :)

Toby Ryberg

this song is so fire 🔥🔥🔥

Luca Guida

these comments are so pld

Luka Kobra - Minecraft

Is that duscord


Everyone link notch this video on twitter!

Pakolollo Pakolollo

In the darkness

Travis Marcelo

How's chess boxing


you guys should go to camp sayer