Paulie Malignaggi vs. Artem Lobov FULL FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE | Bare - Knuckle Boxing

Subscribe for updates - Video - Paulie Malignaggi vs. Artem Lobov FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE | Bare - Knuckle Boxing, Tampa Florida.About Bare Knuckle Fighting ChampionshipOn June 2, 2018, Philadelphia-based Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) made combat sports history when it promoted the first legal, sanctioned and regulated bare knuckle event in the United States since 1889. “BKFC 1: The Beginning” took place in Cheyenne, Wyoming and featured 10 professional bouts, all under the auspicesand control of the Wyoming Combative Sports Commission. BKFC uses only established fighters who have previously competed professionally in boxing, MMA, kickboxing and/or Muay Thai. All BKFC bouts are sanctioned and regulated by ABC member athletic commissions#BareKnuckle#Boxing #PaulieMalignaggiEnter The KO Cup - boxing news 24/7: on Twitter: on Facebook: is a world leader in boxing entertainment since 1999.Part of the Knockout TV YouTube MCN -

Nick Billings

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Florence Ianiev-Xia

I also have PTSD along with moderate depression. My mom almost never takes care of me when I was little. My dad always yells at me for extremely stupid reasons like calling me a stupid brainless cow just because I stayed standing instead of sitting down when we picked up my sister from school. They would constantly treat me like a child even though I'm 14 and didn't even teach me how to cook. Everytime I try to have some privacy, my dad would constantly come in my room uninvited for no reason at all. My school life unfortunately was also tough. I had always been socially awkward. I think I might have mild autism. I never had any real friends. When I was in grade 1, the school put me in disability program just because I was so fucking shy at that time that I almost never spoke a word. Since that moment, no one really takes me seriously and constantly treats me like a child. My parents managed to convince the principal to take me out of the disability program in grade 3. But people didn't seem to change how they treat me. I'm in air cadets but things are not getting any easier. I didn't make friends there and everyone would correct me all the time if I do something. I developed anger issues because of that. I went to a cadet Basic Survival camp last summer. I was doing ok until one day, we were playing a game of mafia and I had to say a statement but my crush said "finally she acts normal". I was completely heartbroken. He had always been kind to me. But that moment just made my depression and anxiety worse. I'm still not over it. Everytime something bad happens to me socially, I would automatically think of suicidal thoughts and that moment when my crush broke my heart. I developed anorexia (which I tried to stop). I'm currently thinking to run away from my house. I don't think I will ever kill myself but I already imagined some suicidal plans I would take if I were to kill myself. I feel like I can't stand it anymore. I'm completely tramatized.

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