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Aryan Gupta


Kaitlynn Kampe

Dang Ezekiel Elliot

Sophie Mairead

Im gald that you found peace within your self



so with their easter egg, ea managed to plug their special edition?

Darlene Klemm

The dust kickers


Finally a trailer with dialogue


You shouldn't listen to your Mom like that, you're your own person.

Christopher Riorden

This is the one of the only stereotype videos where the rage monster can actually be relatable

Sana Mirza

Those screens look amazing

Jazz Alia

Kylie to daughter: she has her cloths customed xx I am also human I have the right to be who I want to be


The video is 4:20 coincidence? I think not.

Jackson Hills

was tht Handsome jack on Fish?

supermonkey 101

whats wrong with sponspoh

Dennis Allison

cat is the name

Maximiliano Orellana

T-T-Tomorrow?!!? Fuck Yes!!!

Arif C

nice fake. really nice fake

Vermilion Stranger

Tyler looks like an egg


Please do TheWalkingDead or Doctor Who!

Fifty-Two Handles

Another actually happened video cmon

Emerson Redk

When you do your next Over Time bring a special guest your choice

Roxy Avila

I think there is another easter egg referring towards The Walking Dead, That one mission when you have to find sheriff CARL because hes not at the HOUSE. lol


You call him the cryor

Emanuel Rivera

If they change the old maelstrom boats into an ice boat as seen in the trailer, and add elves to the frozen ever after ride I’ll lose it

Deny Syahputra

Mashup Trailer Frozen 2 Part 1 X Part 2

george ordaz

Thank you for including gears of war 4!

Reecerz Emerzy


Anthony Dinh

Tyler hasn’t won for 7 months.

Big D Larson

That one wheeler thing looks like that thing that General Grevious rides in Star Wars #2

leah BabyAjlve Judy xvbz

Me:I believe I can wait....... Oh dang believe I can fly I believe I can die 😈😇😈😇😈😇

Anisha Syed


Minas Petrelis

You guys are awesome and i feel sorry for you because it would probably hurt.

Rebecca Kaelble

She should have broken up with him from way back. But no matter what gold digging is wrong and she makes excuses for using him

XxWolfy PlayzxX

They can’t drive backwards. That’s dangerous. So they’re not always doing it backwards.


Who's watching this in 2017?

Saroja Srinivasan

This is why fortnite is cancer

Do you read the wattpad story called "The innocent one" 'cuz I kinda think this story is related to that wattpad story

Jasper Labio

2018 anyone

Mama Tea

Lol you basically walk the line between life and death. Depending on how intense your labor, you can really feel that...

Mustk DX

See the difference at 0:31 and 0:34

Audrey Spiker

violets are

Ling Ling

Bro I could not stop thinking about that Samsung ad this entire video because of the music


The Look Of Disapproval

Again that thumbnail... I want it

Cecilia Joseph

I am so sorry for you Darling my BFF had cancer I am only 9

Bryce Rentzel

Where's Steph


oh so thats what the last one was about