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Igor Roblox666

00:06 i Have that gun Tyler is holding

Dayaniya909 Thananchayan909

I know i should be talking about the girl and mia but please tell me the dog is ok cause the dog did nothing to deserve this, I fell so bad for the dog.(I'm an animal person)

Patrick Lodge

She did come here illegally and did she ever apply for u.s citizenship. Smh the government is right


Dean Ciacchella



Joury Omer

I neeeeeeeded this vid🙏🏽

Jacob Neff

awesome video post dude perfect

hoangngoc food


Haley Marie


Andrew Thomas

Halo always had the best easter eggs.

ispiriedby_larry the queen

Hahaha this caught my attention the sign says the rapist at 3:58

Jacob Johnson Channel


Was Gud

I thought this channel was fake after the I made adidas ones but now seeing this :( poor bijuu

silver star25

how do you do that tricks

Alan Payne

Happy new year guru, you are still the best <30

kat vlogs

I think they should do this type of show but for petete small tiny girls


The way Ethan talks about Hila shows how true this love is.

Chief MaliQ

the next ben rothlesburger and better

Emmy Bear

6:43 or for telling everyone my rendome stories

Gacha Kass 春野サクラ

Brent Rivera???


What movie is that with Emma stone?

Ciara Mendez

Cheating is wrong bro

Barrett Johnston

Panda my girl/man

Meals With Foods

I am getting My Little Pony Vibes circa 2009 to about 2014


i was actually accidentally came across the far cry 4 shortcut ending cause i was afk cause i need to poop :|

Steven Triviz

hey thanks for that second easter egg, I would have never looked there and the tiny pistol is awesome

Bernardo Sanchez

nevr seen someone so happy to losse 50 bucks

andrewjaws da man


Ray Roskos

Tyler:Hey don’t cast next to mine!Garret: Dude were not even going for the same spies!I DIED IN LAUGHTER!

Seth Shepard

i literaly, LITERAL almost cried watching this it was so sad!