Queensryche - Anarchy X - Revolution Calling - V-Drum Cover - Drumdog69 - HD

The intro and badass metal "march" that introduced me and the rest of the world to the concept album that is "Operation Mindcrime"! I had a blast playing to their music and it definitely helped to shape my style. Thank you Mr. Rockenfield...Thank you

Spazcy Playz

I've been to jump street

aRe YoU sAyInG iM dEpReSsEd?


Lol good luck with that... Nature can't be stopped.

Manraj singh

Are there twins

Kelsy Greenwood

"I don't know how about a modern name like...Temporary."😂😂

Oscar 238

Anyone else think the beginning sounds like the black ops zombies round start theme?

star light

So did the boy hit u on the head and u passed out????is that what happened??

Nolan Porter

You denying it so fast makes me think he is the panda!

jose luis bello mallo


Therredleader 325

my realatives have space pirates and when ever i visit them i always play it and my top level is 9 i am so good

Sam Carey

Yea need lives



Abdullah Jimmy

Love your videos. finally subbed

Megan Friesen

What is this 😂


Tzuyu is so impressive. She’s Taiwanese, is in a Korean girl group, and is singing a Japanese song. She speaks 3 languages (That I know of) and I can’t even learn Korean👏🏾👏🏾

Litteraly no one:........

Winter fallz

His mother looks like his about to laugh 3:41


I saw Bob ross

Lo menos que quisiera es que se divida It will be 2 years already

The video:I ended up shaving my head.....

Keith-Munguia Brothers

To think I believed in you Ty

ps4 gamer

n its not the worlds largest sling shot

Kelly Schmidt




weird mat mat

panda is gonna win


Roses are red

Devil'seye Gaming


RoseHeartLove 4

#34 Trending in England! Keep up the good work twice!


Anyone from India 😄

just me

Wait does this mean i have a depression

Chanai Strong

I cried


U forgot one: just type webdriver Torso in the search bar and the Videos will turn into a big blue and a small red rectangles.

Smart Enough

Oh my!? She is way to ego. She is so so so complicated.

Eliana Aguirre



im super late but i finally realized why i loved that toy story 2 scene so much oof


you suck ass?:D and if youre gonna get the "portal" or whatever thats on the back why not just fucking cut the video lol

Gizmo Cuber

Mustache game strong

Outcast Next door

In waw there is an achievement called saving private Ryan

And I should always listen to her about those.... Specifically the last reason...

Pulsar Power08

you guys are awsom-Oopps I destroyed the like button btw

Peter: Uh no that's Th-- wait what how?!?!

Kevin Alfaro

Lol you need permission lol???

Aimee Duvak