"Criminal" Key Glock x Blocboy JB x Tay Keith type beat (Prod. KAMI)

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Panda Gump?

Lax_ God16

5:03 is he okay


i was SO GOOD at those timed multiplication quizzes omg i would always finish so fast i was a BEAST

The Eagle



Enjoying your videos man keep up the good work :)



Fun To Use

You should love him

Neil O'regan

One of the names codsworth can pronounce is rockatansky in reference to mad max

Alberto Ter

I thougth that the agent was leslie chao fron the movie the hangover

Yara Oliveira


Leo 8257

Did you guys donate to chairity because all the eggs that were wasted for this vid

Utan Gabi

C418 plays...


Who else hates Danger Dolan's scary video's?

Me:Yeet him across the world




I absolutely HATE whoever cheated on this amazing person

Dylan Pardo

How did I not know this video existed

GamingWithNoah FTW

Cody should be replaced with Joakim Noah in the Nba

Davian Duong

All because her God dang father went to right in a war

It’s Joe

Trash trash Dad is so relatable

Austin Waller


blair young

Do an all sports golf battle

John Demetriou

What does duke say at 4:23 ?

9:05 Aww. That was my breakfast.

lime sundae

I guess they never miss...huh.

Gavin boggs

Surprise the team that won this time by putting a knife on a loosely tied rope on their throat that if they move the knife kills

Ali #H

teeaammm cooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Everyone else: Yes

Cupcake Girl

No I'm too lazy to fall in a trap like that.. I'm still fat😂


dude perfect please do an ice bucket challenge but this time inside the bucket is gatorade with ice cubes


Nothing better than a new video of Guru before going to sleep!


Make another one

Jason Vinyard


2: who does that in front of a child??

sunny solanki

U guys are setting new milestones for these athletes .. no matter in how many times u hit or how much u practiced it, U HIT THEM HARD .. Kudos ..

princess Rihanna friends chips

You are out of your goddamn mind


these are so peaceful to fall asleep to.


Put an epilepsy warning for the blue mushroom easter egg

Forrest Rosen

Where’s lacrosse trick shots 2?

Been looking forward to farcry 3 easter eggs you O'mighty Guru

Bruce Wayne

Who's the guy and what's the song at 10:07

Naresh Khushale

I get fear when I want to do procedure in ICU . Fear of failure . Previously I used to do ICU procedure with confident . But now days I get5 fear unnecessary . What to do.