"Ghetto Avengers" Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams ( A Ghetto Exclusive )

I Still See Avengers In My Roommm I Hate The Fact That They Turned To Dust In Infinity War Tooooo 😭🔥

More Crozzeyed

0:44 rip balls

Sneaky Druid

Bioshock is the best... That Vigor is enough to prove it..


please tell me that's not you

Jesus Hernandez jr

esta canción me golpeó como una bala


I know people are making fun of her only caring about her hair and I know, but imagine actually losing all that beautiful hair... Cancer is rough I've lost family too it. But dont make fun of her for losing her best and beautiful feature. Just actually imagine losing all your hair.. 🤨

15. The Trick Shot Person

Mr. Fish

1 year1 more subsciber


cody killed that chorus fr fr

Althaf A. A

One like=one punch for John

New Channel in subbox! Please sub to it!

i cant belive you guys live in texas i live near the reliant stadium i live near houston

Maja Palm

That line in beggining, ”Do you know what I’ve been through to get this body?” Thats a lie, don’t belive it! You can’t starve yourself, stop it, and then you’re going to be all fine and dandy, no! You Will gain wheight! Quite a bit of it to, if you starved, that means your body is afraid of starving again and its going to store extra energy in preparation for the next starvation. This means a lot of anorectics end up wheighing more than they did before they started! Please! To someone with a toxic mind that line could be devestating, ”Whatever, I deserve to suffer! As long as I get there in the end I don’t care what I have to put myself through” don’t do that. Suffering ends in more suffering!

XxWolfy PlayzxX

They can’t drive backwards. That’s dangerous. So they’re not always doing it backwards.

Elisa Cowan

I'm a psycho, I NEVER use the safety bracelet on a Wii remote once

cash mere

He damn show won't get mvp

Cameron Roblyer

Fake when Ricardo shoot

it me

u guys should add johnnny to the team

Tyler Smith

Do a part two


Love your videos

Leslee Ewing

i got space jam before garret did

old does not uplode

I love the twins

Death Killer 347

Mario theme song

Are you suppose to be making Me: born just 18 (but born 2 weeks late aka july 4th)

Ruben Van Vliet

Dude purfect😆😆😆😄😄😃😃😊😊😊😊😊

I did as he asked

Ahendall ツ

Aimbot level 3000


Whats thr story behind this

but I like dude perfect so interesting. Adoption is an option.


Are you going to do watch dogs?

Kyle abang

who's gonna win/lose

Asriel Dreemurr StorySwap

Being shy doesn't make you unable to explain what you feel when somebody did something to you, if you stay quiet and think it's your fault, the person who is harrasing you WILL continue.