"HACKING" MY OWN DISCORD SERVER! (Funny Trolling) - YouTube

A funny video where I decide to hop onto an alt and pretend to hack my own Discord server!Thanks for watching the video! (:------------LINKS BELOW------------⇩ JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER ⇩SHARE MY CHANNEL ⇩ANOTHER RANDOM VIDEO ⇩MUSIC USED ⇩USED----------•Sony Vegas Pro 16 Edit for Editing Software•NVIDIA GeForce for Screen Capturer/RecorderHave a good day, and be sure to like the video to show that you enjoy the content I'm making!

Janav Vyas

My favourite was bottle shot

getem mibang

Awesome vuxeos

The couple

Random boy

Maybe if you actually opened your eyes

Cric Tips

8:38 Garret showed the middle finger 🖕

Bitch I’m failing every class. I’ll be lucky to get out of high school.


Nimish Joshi

Who are watching it for Rage Monster part?😂😂

Madhura Lihine

I guess Anna also has some Powers..

Kam Tak Kan

How many bottle is to filled a dunk tank


In the name of love 😏

Colton Michael

0:54  *calmly takes headphones off,puts them on the ground,stomps on them and throws computer out the window.

It's a lot of animosity, but they won't say my name


No far cry 3 blood dragon ending star wars references????? Ok..... im sad guru.....

And it's not a cult, its a fandom :D


Poor twins ☹️

what_is _sleep96


travis coffer

I feel good for contributing to your goal of a thousand likes.

Edit: well planes are out in the new season 8 update so we never have to worry about this ever again 👍

Hi Yes

Bet you won’t like or comment.

BRUHpuh 332



1 like=1 quantillion punches in the tummy

Insta: Martinxalaz

Can someone tell what this game is and why its getting hyped so much

Game 6 klay

Caleb Micciche

In the chicken smackers is Ty wearing a maverick shirt it looks like it


MFKlie kun

Im 2% population who doesn't watch gameofthrones hahah

marko stojanovic

Jake Herbert aka John Cena

Ties van Kampen

Soccer edition!!!

Disciple of Christ

his gun he can carry it if he wants chill out

Joe-bob 007

I want to die

OM 2027Campus

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kaylee Hanson

I struggle with anxiety my parents know my mom is a nurse so she’s really the only one that does anything it’s not like my dad doesn’t either but anxiety is like a weight on top of you that you can never get rid of... it sucks get anxiety when we go out for Halloween because my dad makes me go away without him and I always need to ask my friend “Kylie can you see my dad?..” anxiety isn’t something you can’t overcome t pushes down on you and lowers your self esteem.. anxiety just it really sucks living with it because I’m overweight and..

unoriginal name

Can you believe we've watched Cody and Noel progress from two dumbasses who makes jokes to....two dumbasses who makes surprisingly good music.. Minute Videos: Yes

Social media marketing

Monisheeta Dhruboprobha

If it looks like a Potterhead and it acts like a Potterhead....

Deegan Mason

Rip 😢 the old guy

queen JoJo

I think I may have ptsd because I used to do those EXACT things when I was younger but it's gotten better but I think I have ptsd.

I've gone on to seek treatment, only just starting but I'm much better than I was.


aaah shit here we go again

Mike Cromwell

@jerkinkingpt Did you see the other versions?

BioLizard Venom

You ruined Happy feet...thanks...

David’s Vlogs and gaming

Looking back at this this was a awesome birthday Present

10000 subs with no videos

2:44 how it feels to be on marajana


Because the camera turned, and the wind was no longer blowing into the sound receiver.I.e. The wind was blowing -->]---and this was the receiver. When it turned, the wind was still blowing --> [---but the receiver was facing the other way with the rest of the camera between it and the wind.


This graphics are so shitty considering it is going to come out in May 2020... Even GOW had much better graphics and it's a game that was developed during 2016 and 2017. I am highly disappointed.