Rae Sremmured Black Beatles Instrumental with Hook

Everyone who sees this video this is a link for my bestfriends GoFundMe account he's on life support right now and his family would really appreciate the donation and especially George and me and others please donate to his go fund me he needs your help

Mani 4life

I can’t believe Catherine let her favorite person call Austin BABY😂OMG

Madison J

For this ty should of raged monster and throw everyone off

Makayla Miller

i might sound stupid but lemme just unlike this real quick......

ramanathan kannan kannan

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Graham And Caroline

Wahoo Coby

Fauteux Kids

Ty is the winner of the hole thing

Jimmy Young

Just a copy of many other "experimental" vids. This is something you do in junior high.

Ghazala Naveed



lol no comments 


lol, "All that work and all we did was just blow up the earth? Well fuck"

Mr.Shadow Cat

The John CENA one in Emily is away is real it has flowey Isaac illuminati and much more

Beth Halpain

knocked that tennis ball right off that panda head every Time didn't YA there, Tyler. fuck yah


cole's camera be getting dirty


Is this a movie or something?

H Boogy

God I hate english dub.

california cornflakes

Best channel ever with food, cute animals and coarse language 😍😍


that is some meta and amazing shit right there 11/10

I guess this happen a lot to someone who is ambivert

Mary M

Wow...needed this 🙌🏾

Kenter S. Joseph

Let it go..wait..let it flow..


What he fuck, I forgot bout E3!



# IISloydII

Im 11 and i have my phone but i dont have SIM cart my parents say that im too young but im not angry or anything im thankful Je suis

Birdie Cutie

I feel super duper bad for her. Poor Lady ;(


yea, once i found the orange skull but didnt knew what to do with it^^

Ari Houzoki

Is PC ? Free download?


You missed an easter egg bro. Throughout the game there are billboards that have the film "Dawn of the wolf, part 2" on them. This is a reference to "Twilight breaking dawn, part 2" Joel and Ellie even have a conversation about the posters with Joel saying "It's just a dumb teen movie"

J͓̽e͓̽s͓̽s͓̽i͓̽c͓̽a͓̽ P͓̽l͓̽a͓̽y͓̽z͓̽

YESSS!!! FrozeN!! My FavOuRiTe DISNEY MOVIE!!!NoW TheReS a sEcOnD!!!First disney movie I've been excited for!!(no offence to all the other princessess)


im from the Philippines❤

selai jeruk

Im chill right now

Jana Diemert



When all purpose flour becomes no purpose flour

Freddy Emmo


brooks via

over the swisher


You said Dead Silver instead of Deep Silver.

Sammy nguyen


Hristiyan Iliev Stankulovov

3:58 all of us saw a pennis.

That's when I start to get anxious Hahahhahaah that made me laugh. It reminded me of their old videos

Klone Nitez

1:27 through 1:35 watch while closing your eyes😉

not a single soul: Please take this video down. I can see that you want people to be able to discuss things from different viewpoints, but this really isn't the way to do it. If you want to support the LGBT community as you claim, then keeping this video up is causing harm and you are not helping anybody. Basic human rights in NOT up for discussion! I and many other people in the LGBT community are upset by this video. I saw the community poll about the video, but whether the video stays up is not negotiable since it is very hurtful and sheds a positive light on homophobes, the people who are hurting us, and puts them in the position of a victim.

Heidi Cuppari

jarry rice