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Reaccionando a: AKON - Get Money (Feat. Anuel AA)Email Para Negocios/Promocion: xjaycee7@gmail.comInstagramde YouTube Gaming:de reaccion en ingles:de Facebook:que utilizo:Camaranumero 1numero 2:#JayCee #reaccion #dominican

Summer Bailey

I like that name

3 pull the trigger

Nash Espinosa

Where is matt

Diego Becker

Im just commenting so youtube recommends more to people

Brook& Jolie

What’s there youtube

Jonathan Teran

Subscribe to my channel

Turkish Power92

3:36 lol

NICK Star12

1:50 when your at the gym and you did one sit-up

CobaltFox Plays...

So... the queen and princess just left Arendelle... who's watching it? The trolls?

Nidhi bhardwaj

And also key shot

Tisha Allen-Jack

Title does not make sense at all?!

gibberish ed

Well Breaking Bad looks different

Alihan Bulat


marco Crybaby

Guys I’m the only one that scream on call me by your name part??

Joshua Ramirez

Did you guys hear cory said a bad word


Me too

Derrick Peterson

iv said youll shoot your eye out

Ellie Gaming

My dad used to ask "are you ok" and i always reply "im fine, i dont even have anything to be sad about" and thats true. Its really hard to tell my dad right now since i lied to him so much in the past....

Chef Pyro

Paul Dutka seems like a swell guy.

Marcus Cauyan20

pet tiger

Hannah Adhikari

Imagine how many times they failed each one before they got it right...🤣