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Montage of the Funniest Red Dead ONLINE Moments of 2018 by Jongo Phett. Made up of the best red dead redemption 2 glitches, bugs and random funny fail clips that I have recorded while playing Red Dead and clips sent in by viewers in 2018. #RedDeadOnline #rdr2 #RedDeadRedemption2 #funnymoments►SUBMIT YOUR CLIPS! Previous Video: Follow me on Instagram:Follow me on Twitter: me on Origin: Jongo PhettJoin My PS4 Community: Jongo Phett Community► Contribute subtitles and language translations to my videos: MusicSong: Out West by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (LIKE & SHARE 👍

Esmé Kumma

Thank you for taking care of that clown!!!!! Clowns actually disturb me a lot🤡🤡

Николай Жихарев

175 млн. просмотров??? Вот этой херни??? Это реально или все накручено?

maire 14

You could try to loss weight I would help

Jayden Cano

They should've made it something like Make It Bun Dem or Imma Try It Out Ft. Alvin Risk


@TheNoobCap its a plastic backboard...IDIOT

Evan P

How the fuck do u find shit like this?

Luke ThestonerDean

borderlands zombie loot midgets FTW wish they actually droped rare shit on dead island though takes ages :/

Marshmallow Unboxing

they should do a video game stereotypes

Smash X Jaden

Pond skipper

elay elay

you seem to be the coolest Person ever. reveal your identity! !

Jake F


Darcy Berry

2019 anyone

Shardei x

My mum just Blames it on my phone 🙄

thinking emoji

Delio Jr. Castillo


Chicken poop Crew

What is your favorite football team

Jesse Bull

That was pretty weak lol.

Zayyan Samad

What’s the song at 1:18?

John Lueders

Did you fix the basketball court

Mad Yon Boi

it's good that bijju mike has a good look out on life and that's a good thing

Sgurd Meal

One day i lended my brand new switch to my friend. When he gave it back to me, I found that he'd made a long horizontal scratch on the screen: 1:33

Vaughn Miller

hi you are cute

Farm girl ogle

He will win


price did that for srue thumbs up if you think so



Dude Awesomeness

Great, awesome for a kid in wheel chair!

DudeItz Bacon

2018 bro that intro

Youngend™ JR

WOAH! cold one battlefield they put a grave in the dirt and said pay respects which was a sneak diss and the fact that there's still a shovel symbolizes that battlefield buried cod advanced warfare why dosent cod fire back with something like this are they too scared

slither gamer GR



Your next one should be back to schoolor baseball

ي͠و͠س͠ف͠ آ͠ل͠م͠ح͠ب͠و͠ب͠

عربي لايك

Emma !

In my opinion puma shoes are ugly

Matthew Lamo Chavez

Dude perfect is f_ing awesome keep it up dudes!

Joshua Moore

Coby is so cool that he almost passed Kobe

Robert Hirsh

I tottaly agree so Korean DRAMA

Memeliouse !?!?!

Korea ?