Rick Ross Talks Birdman, Meek Mill and New Music

Four time Grammy nominated rap superstar, Rick Ross, tells us about his 9th album, "Rather You Than Me".Then, Rick sets the record straight about his relationship with Joseline Hernandez and why his engagement ended with Lira Galore.Plus, Rick tells us why he called out Birdman in his new album and what advice he gave Meek Mill about Nicki Minaj.

Mr. Zimbel

Could have been a second 9/11, had the chopper crashed into the core.

dakota guzman

i've never played mgs but one dumb thing about this "easter egg" (unlockable) is that ezio is missing 6 toes, out of all the arguing about whether its an easter or not i'd just like to throw that in XD

Jasbir Thind

Hey dude please make a fkip in which there is no water in bottle


Guru, do you find any of these easter eggs yourself or do you just look them up and edit them together, I assume the latter but still curious. Enjoyed the video c:


The ending is wonderful

Ann Roesler

If yuri didn’t stab herself

Calvin CJ Hall

5:52 when he zooms out of the gun you can see in the bottom left corner the metal gear acid logo

Davis Adventures

comment your favoritepart. mine is 1:19

clack cloock

let's play our secret game ME: "Nostalgia level over 9000"


I don't know why the first clip made me laugh so hard I'm so sorry

onyx music

Story of alan walker

I see Jeff, I click.

Divya V

I really wanna see their algebra test paper!!!


I cannot remember where in downtown, but there is a pulowski preservation shelter that has a skeleton with glasses surrounded by books from the library. I assume this may be a reference to the Twilight Zone episode: "Time Enough To Last".

Snoopy GMD

I just like to smile... Smiling’s my favourite.

Nicole Bueno

Congratulations to you both! Also as someone who is also pregnant and a huge fan its been so amazing following along your guy's journey to becoming parents! I litterally get so excited everytime u guys give any updates about the baby or hilas pregnancy because i can relate it to my own experience as a soon to be mom! Im due in september and im so excited especially after watching this! Not excited for that catheter tho i didnt know they do that when u get epidural😱 😭


Nice work man


Right when i was about to click to the next video and i see L O S S

B Maurya

Team ty always!!!!!!!

Cane Misterija


Sue Robare

I’m the rage monster when my opponent scores🤣🤣

A Knight in the Dark

Music was a bit intrusive, but otherwise good vid Guru!

Eve Grace

I wanna smaccc his mom so badddddd

Brock Aimone

I am never playing horse shoes with Cody

Timmy Preuss

@redneckgamer7 ever heard of wind