rIVerse Reacts: Akin Ka Na Lang by Morissette - LIVE (on Wish 107.5 Bus) Reaction

She...is.......AMAZING. How dare she slay that on a live radio show.Filmed by Leah Rifkin & Dustin TraballoEdited by Leah RifkinEquipment Provided by Scarlet Lens ProductionsFOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: @rIVerseLive Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter | Facebook

Kokoro 17

Lilith looking so good.

Pedro Martinez

yes Mr domo kan kick is on five


Holy Moly Rhys Spaghetti


What server are you on?


far cry 3 easter eggs

The trap in the hat

Wait the carmine family business was for life ensurence but in gears 4 he the one who made the buzzsaw and the dead drop 🤔🤔


i hate fidget spinners.


Toy story 4 Vs Frozen 2...You decide

Joker Nichole

That actually really helps a lot because my parents kept saying that if I stopped self harming and drinking last year, I would be put in a mental hospital, I kept thinking it was an asylum but with a different name. I’m really glad and it’s such a relief to know that a mental hospital is ok although I stopped self harming for now I think I still drink here and there and I’m not as suicidal but it still has a pretty strong grip on me and my depression might be getting worse. My family can be harsh but there are so many things that are 100% my fault and I kept going after my parents told me to stop drinking and harming but some how they think that my depression is just a phase witch it clearly isn’t I’ve had it for a couple years now and I’m not going to express it because all they would say “don’t be like that, don’t go back to that thinking” I’ve never left thinking that way and I’m not going to explain to them to that because I have changed SO much I’ve built walls just to be a jerk not all the times but people say it’s bad and I don’t like that so my homicidal thoughts kick in and I wanna kill everyone or I just see people being slaughtered and screaming sometimes I can’t sleep because of the agony I’m going through my own mind and I don’t know how to stop it but crying myself to sleep and that might work

An Nam Lê

Damn maybe Chandler challenge series need to be on Netflix

Laila Sayeed

The smuggler is so mee

Founding Father

"And why does he always thank the umpire after ge strikes out" 😅😂

Jojo Bon

I don’t understand the headlights

Tiffany Belk

Corys look better than Garrett's

Era Rey

#4 trending in Singapore!!!

Vegard Huse

Great video Guru! But whats your opinion on the game? Is it worth 60$ or nah?

Blake Henderson

That was an egg tasterfy

Miguel Macías

Excelente trabajo amigo y tienes un gran sentido del humor jaja




What the fuck is this? I don't understand anything, dating a brain? A human hanging out with protons? TF?

Jerry Wei

Doesn't this remind you of mario karts

Jesus Shuttlesworth

"I want full credit for Kawhi if he shuts down KD in Game 5"....Max you're dumbass. KD shouldn't even play the finals because not only he would come at 20-50% of his best but he would risk an injury and in fact he got injured this game. The title is so wrong.


Mrtlexify would be happy for the minion to be slayn


babish im indian and i literally had no idea what u said, plz someone type it down (it looks similar to what i grew up eating but we just called em spring rolls lmao)

Juanchi leone

What about the floor

Jains Gain

Guru, really love your work, with jurassic Park on the horizon very soon any chance we could get Dinosaur games or movie easter eggs

Michael Chang

2012 waw 4 years have passed

U.S: permission denied. You have been stopped.

Camryn Singleton



Lucifer/Devil Vs God

Moayad Nasser


8:41 Arghh! What the fuck developers we know what pissin me off so much.

Kai Todd

Do a face reveal please I would be the happiest person on the planet if u did

Brody Semrau



chair hit a tree and slowed her fall

it's none of your business



awsomnes overload XD

Oscar Giese

Guru you don't have to talk to us if you don't want to. Do what you want and if you want to make an Outro like this, do it. We don't want do say: "You have to do this, or this!" ;)

varmintslayer_ 22


I'm ayano and a fam of Everything

Paul and his dad's affair is like brothers and sisters

Kristi Bell

Are theater real

Eontae Case

Panda edition

Inhale the memes

I know me and charlie are spiritually connected because i’m eating a spam sandwich as i watch this

sans cool vids




Princesswarrior JP

Anyone here losing hair from panic attacks?

Beth Hoffman

Go Coby boo Ty

U Will always have good luck


Lol a lot of fuss over nothing

C Zwieg

ERB: Rap it your way.


Damn, Frozen 2 is taking the Seahorse to whole new level,

Corey Skinner


AnnElise Volgs

Would I have a small ptsd if I worry and panic abput the smallest thing at night and in the day if I lose something or something else small happens I'll panic


Your videos are amazing!!!