rIVerse Reacts: And I Am Telling You (Cover) by TNT Boys - World's Best Battle Reaction

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And I thought puberty was bad .-.

Ken Nori

which is the name of the number four ?

No Dignity

Oh hell ye

himiko toga


Sara Hana

Omg what's wrong with you all. everyone got their opinion and everyone is free to choose what to be with and what to support, it doesn't make them haters nor irrespectful.


Haunting music... Loved it.


You cried because you got a B? I think you’d just die if you’d see my grades💀

sabby’s films

i dont eat sweets that much, i just consume a lot of rice and pasta and thats worse. and i only do rope skipping everyday for half an hour. please help me lose more weights and faster!!


- Red

I found a ester eeg guru has a voice woooooooooooo we like it

Luke Callaghan

Still my favorite dp video


You heard it the video was fake

Sheehan Abdalla

Non stop orgy



Robert Nesbitt

you have no idea how much you missed, you left out the resistance taking a piss on snake, the man who was masturbating, and all things codec!

WarTiger80 pl

Jeden z najlepszych zwiastunów jakie widziałem :D

Dude dude dude dude


That's the newest COD WWII in the video? Why does it look so shitty?

Mathis Lefrançois

Only on Switch 😢

Natasha Demo


Andrew Aitken

I love how they can get two of the best Man City players but can only get the shittest arsenal players 😂😂😂

Jame 07

William Byron from NASCAR