I set my friend up on a blind date with a man, we got him a extreme makeover this video is very funny must watch he got mad at me for this ..Episode 1 out of 8! Next episode get this to 50k likes!!Zeus network: Channel : : Next " We Added Another girl Contact➡️:LOGINSAVAGE@GMAIL.COMP.o Box 82663 Baton Rouge LA 70884 - 2663

Bailey Pate

It better not be like Outbreak that was too hard

Łìńxÿlinx56 :3

Yay someone nice to save a sad soul with a bad boyfriend! Good job kid!

Tommy C.

nnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuudddddddiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pppppppppppppplllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Yep, its confirmed. Im an introvert

Maysen Flores

You guys should do an actually golf tournament.

I hope it gets better for her

Kelsie Harvey

When they sung to him I lost it! He is so cute!!!

Elynn Fazlina

#8 trending malaysia. wow. ur comeback never dissapointed me. loveyou

Anika Angeles


Jamaak Jr

Me:girl you too skinny

Hazmick !

Who else as diabetes type1

Grace Clemen

Dude. If you have apendis idis, I know I spelt it wrong, but if you have it, you'll have to have surgery right away. You'll die otherways!!!!!!

ShadiestRelic25 Fortnite

If you are watching dude perfect right now, please like this 🙏😂

Lazure films


James Maloof

9:43 sorry coby, but on the top left corner of your shirt, its wet

Anyone just me ok...

Bewilderbeast A.

Let’s go Texans! (But I like baseball more)

NahlaTheGamer Pro

Who else got a Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer before this video?

Markus Bertram


Crunchy Cloud

At 3:32 she has a VERY long neck

Keagen S

thank you for that warning


Minute vids... This is 6:45 mins long

To me, money is what keeps our society stable. It is something that humans rely on because we all believe in it.

Prudence Leysner

What is pugs name?

SquirrelMAN 9

In Britain, we call putters, snooker ques. ( Snoo-k-er c-y-oo)


Кто знает Русский - лайк

Darth Vader

Dylan ain't cool He' s super cool



Brayden Komola

He came in last but I’m still team coby

Spree Deezey

NF needs to collab with Eden!! (God tier music)



Conrad Gilfix

2:51 That's one way to get 5 pins in one shot

Amy Booker

My dad got divorce when I was 5


Wow, another horrific homophobic video, cool! Not only repeating the stigma that gay guys are inherently vErY fEmiNinE but also calling being gay A CHOICE! Splendid! And did the girl REALLY ignored the fact that Tyler's parents acted violently with him and literally wanted to beat him up and throw out of the house for liking boys just because 'uhhh well i UndErsTand tHeir BeLievS anD hIs paRenTs sUre loVe hIm'

YaBoiJude HC


Arpita Mahapatra

Excited to watch this . Love from India

the freedom was a lie get it get it


Lol dude has my Blake Griffin hyper dunks


Good video as always

Devin Pena

dude you sound like the voice for microsoft word

"How would we pay for the basic income? The money would have to come from those who earn something"

kitten loves anime

Does bijou have a child

Ryan Hamilton

6:01 1 like = I prayer for coby


Is Callie the queen of random/tqor?