Sevn Alias - Mag Het ff Lekker Gaan ft. Josylvio (prod. Jack $hirak) - YouTube

RECASSO ALBUM NU ONLINE: credits:Director: Sharif Abdel MawlaD.O.P.: Daan BukmanProducer Julian PattinamaProduction company Vigics Edit: Daan AderColorist: Ruben Labree (DPPLR)Line Producer: Nadeen Ahmed Special thanks to the Egyptian crewVolg Sevn Alias: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: a1oak Volg 1OAK Entertainment: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Facebook:

Ryan Johnston

At 2:30 he can afford a series four I watch but he can’t fix his engine

And God must be the animator!


The thumbnail lol

Matej Kurray

Damn, that ending <3

Jet Sullivan. T71


Neto JON

FunWithGuru I am curious... why was so hard to make this video? I mean.. its because it dont have many easter eggs you know? have you ever tried older Tomb Riders? Pls explain to me why you said that...

شيلات افلام

احب قناتكم انا عراقي😃

Dikiki Is Dikiki

i need this on the radio althought i dont know wth is going onEdit: who watching on 2018???

Йосиф Марианов

Dude Perfevt Good Legenduri Like God

Ur worst ENEMIE

um ADOPTION existites

Catalano Gaming

Hey it's the guy who hit the Seahawks player and screamed when he almost got hit wow



Bradley Perry

Do a h.o.r.s.e. Challenge


Get Matt Prater up in here


6:34 Jesus is real

I just hope they last long enough and he would not repeat the mistake AGAIN.

rapped around my neck a rope I don’t got time for lies and jokes you gonna make me go Incredible Hulk

fortnite goat boy

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Javed Bukhari

I feel sad for those 🦈 sharks

Mario Gallegos

hi guru

fast boy



Found another one...maybe.... "Carl the sheriff". Well, in the Walking Dead series, rick's son is called Carl and rick is a police officer himself.

Lmao Son

Dez caught it.

Chris Lewis

Why not tom brady

Candi Land

0:45 mom spaghetti, pocket in my sweater already knees heavy.


𝔸𝕟𝕕 𝕚 🄾🄾🄿-

Mark Spark



Man you're doing a amazing job you should be more popular really i think you really deserve it

Drrick sksk

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Abhay Rajpurohit