ᴴᴰ Stephen Curry [Emotional Mixtape] HD

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Never know what you have to you lose it :(

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Meanwhile at Yahoo...


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Damn this shit is pathetic

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He will NEVER change. My ex was like that. For 8 months I was the one saying sorry for everything, I had fights with everyone for him, he made me feel so horrible for every fight with him and I was always ended up saying sorry even for his mistakes. There was a time when I didn't want to say sorry and for 2 weeks he treated me like a stranger, even if I always went to him to say sorry, even when he was with his friends he ignored me(he was passing by with them and I went to him to say sorry again and he totally ignored me, even his friends were speechless). After 8 months he broke up with me because I didn't want to lose weight for him (he wanted me to have 50-55 pounds. I'm not that fat, I'm 68 pounds and 5'4”, ik I'm overweight, but I really don't look bad(I think....maybe I do if he told me to lose weight...) ). He didn't looked good either, but I didn't told him to change for me, because that wasn't the reason I liked him.

100k sub with no videos Lolz

My mom don’t care she can knock my. Downl

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3:08 did that just go in

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Team Coby

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Tall man


Garret is so old smh

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dude perfect rule and I want some gum

Me: I like there accents

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C'mon, guys. The Time You Put In Really Shows. jar dress What do you think, guys... 1!

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Wtf Tall man landed on the back of the boat why did it count XD (whos watching in 2018 btw ?)


Don’t be sorry when I die.i wanna die sleeping to be a peaceful death.And don’t cry at my grave be happy that I’m not suffering anymore....


the stone tablets with seemingly random dashes in them is Morse code


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Ollie brown Companion

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