Struggle (feat. Juicee Froot)

Billybob Dolson

dude prefect im your biggest fan can I get to meet you all and spend a day with you guys couse your the best thanks

It shoulda crashed at the trump tower instead that would’ve been a blessing

Daoyi Lim

WTF your the same as me😱


Swazie _

I am a rainbow baby and I just know you will get one too

Venom RG

173 liker


Wait i heard this story before


Quitting caffeine and marijuana It has really really help me i feel like i have a better chance of stopping panic attacks now that im off those things.


You are my favourite YouTuber ever. You are kind, interesting, funny, and have a GREAT taste in music and video games. I knew most of these about you before your voice reveal, I don't know how, but I just do. Anyway, keep it up. I'm trying my hardest to grow my channel, and you are my soul inspiration that one day, I'll have people that continue to love me. PS, if you respond to this, I will be VERY happy!

Tomo Key Cookie

I swear, if there's an Easter egg left Is this video as well...

Gary's Review

You know I'll be reviewing it! Subscribe if you're excited!

MuSiC xxx

Our precious little euphoria 😭😍💜💜💜


lol 1:11

David Dean

Who's watching in 2017

Galexplays roblox and more

Pandas best vacation ever

Till Think

It would cross avengers endgame and avatar.

Brooke T

I have anxiety too

LegoMaster NLC

Dude perfect: 10 year challenge

Aiden Tissue


Sara Wilson

I have your game DudePerfect2

Kano Sen


Brandi Vampran

Who is rewatching in April 2019

Anna Couto

Have anyone noticed the guy from high school music in 6:00 or just me?

lol lol

no way that was Awesome

the best youtuber

That took them long enough

Berethe Alexandria Rodriguez

Wow amazing your tricks dude perfect

Amanda Aldover

Take off the beard pls Cody T-T >o<

Eetu Huopio

Coby I think that your trophy closet IS still empty


Dunk shot

Radwan Muthana

hay ty what is brawn and sticky


Congrats on 400k subs.

Kalman Kovacs

...How can someone be name “Absence”?

IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers



I really love your videos > w <  You play so many games, I wish I could play that much ; - ;

Ganon: I'm about to end this whole mans career

Doug McKinney

I bet his boyfriend treats him good

Arctic Dancer

The brows are back!!

Stop and keep on loving yourself

Once my period didn't come for 2 months... I think...

...|::|:::|::::::/:::::/:::::'\: : : : : : : : : : : : : : :': : : : :| :/::::::|

Beth Pease

i like the rams to