BROCKHAMPTON TOUR TICKETS ON SALE: by Kevin AbstractDP - Ashlan GreyEdit & Color - Henock SileshiStylist - Nick LenziniPA- Kevin DoanSTREAM "SATURATION II":Apple Music: in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, USA

Andrew S

Cody what happened

What if bijuu lied about this

Niyah Murphy

I wanna see you grow out your eyebrows for about five months



Fruity Ari Animates :3

#YIAYjob a normal job

Tej Seth

2:54 it looks like they already dropped some

Jackson Thomson 27

My. Dad is the what does this button do guy

bad bitch

He lowkey looks like a crackhead

Jennifer Adame

Raygun ?

Monmusu Mac

good job man

Arda Oğraş

Abi bana bu motorsikletlerden hediye edermisin

Vanita Kishor 12

Nice pic

Tara Welch

Team ty

no bueno

got a 19 on my act hbu 😌

Wasp Sani

Mom édition

Nyasia Driver

This reminds me of when one of our pe teachers grabbed my friends

dog da lobe

I didnt really like my grandfather, listen i have a pet dog he told me "if i were u i would throw that thing away" and my dog is a part of my family and i treat her like my own family and that is just one thing, he made me cry so much , he told me i was dumb bc i was so mad at him i didnt want to talk to him, he wanted to hear me speak english cause im from indonesia but i was so mad at him i wanted to die , luckily my dog saved my hope, and another thing he told me to "never warship the god cause hes nothing we search for money and food our self dont thank him jesus a waste of time" and idk how to feel bout him now


My dad doesn’t show me much affection either...

MickeyD StoriesYT


Quaak_ Plays

Anyone in 2019?


sound wont play

Taylor Hoge

Sorry I thought I may have double posted. I had an aunt that went through the same thing. She began to heal when she started fasting and praying. As she gained her memories. I’m glad your in a better place now and whether or not you do this I’ll be praying for you.

Anil kumar Anil

Your so great Garrett

Lucas Titner

Jamie’s tape is making me cringe. How does he play with that

Viarry Ninziza

you are not ugly

Master of Disaster

God of war > Halo

JailBreak _182

creepy man comes in



Lola Waddy

Why is there an escalator in a SPORTS shop? If anywhere should have stairs its there.

joe Schmitt

He will winThe


lol my name is sophie. i guess im destined to be introverted.

Damone Williams

Why do people act like Jordan didn't play against Orlando. He sucked so bad he was changing shorts, numbers etc.

Solo Zoe

I pray for her

Bryan Chua Bryan Chua


Narona Gloom26

80% of the comments are sO i pEEd oN My wALLet I thought I was just fragile..

Lets goo~~~


Jenna. Best idea yet.. shave “HELL YEA” into ur eyebrows

Jason Kieffer

Oh the irony...