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jor Ahmeti

The rage monster is bad and rude

Jeandy Perez

Wait I didnet really understand what did the foster father do at 2:00AM did he rape her?

jacob Griffiths

I rhink that the big lad is the best

Henry Games

i am the one play dude

Vernal Tie

Film with me next


Dubai tower? :)

Davorin Krebs

Or this wall is intended to hold out the Mexicans...

Ayy Lmao

Welcome :).

Çhrįś Pårśøñš

To my parents that’s cheap lolll

Cameron Moore

What did Cody say about sky high


Sledge's shotgun


Best X Men movie of the decade.

Fire Boy

I was depressed

ZoMb_ lock


Ben Brookhart

amazing video =)

Eva BorJimz

The rage monster is awlas funny

Stephanie Roberts

I too got pregnant at a party . I thank God that although I did not stay with the babies father ,it was not the end of my life as I supposed. It was the beginning of a new life. I was in denial for about 4 and a half mths. I had a drinking problem and didnt know how bad of a problem I had until I tried to quit. I also smoked marijuana often. Finally a relative took me to the dr. I came out crying thinking my life was over but oh how I was so wrong. My mom prayed and had her church and other family members pray for me. They invited me to church, although I didn't want to be there, I went because my mom asked me to. That night God saved me from my sins as I poured my heart out to him. He changed my wild heart to a mommy's heart. My son was a gift from God that brought me to himself. When my son was 4 mths old I married. My husband took care of me and my baby. We dedicated my baby to the Lord and took him to church every chance we had. He is now 23 yrs old and happily married and is a worship leader at his church. I miss him because he always had the right song to sing mommy at the right time. Babies are blessings and I now have raised 3 ( well almost), my youngest is a girl and she is 15 . All of the babies were and have been such blessings .All 3 are so different and all three are so precious. What I once thought was the end of my life actually became the end of a lonely life and a beginning of a precious one. I hope my story can encourage you.

TactDrag 77


Adonys Mundo Tech


Tyler Williams

Guys if this comment gets 1k Ty will wear his cap frontwards

Ray Hewerdine

Who else was drinking Dr.Pepper while watching this


You guys should do panda adition

destined gamer

this is a wack ass easter egg

Nikki Yarbrough

I’m worried for the dog tbh

Flopped Flan

i really do feel like who ever wrote this tried to give a sympathetic point of view of themselves to cover the fact that they are homophobic


Several means MORE than three not three exactly. Three is 'a few'. Don't know why americans don't get this. 'A couple' is two, while we're at it.

Totally-Not Ethan

Who's watching in 2017

Muhammed Emin Aydın

Alt yazıyı yazanın kafası efso 😀

aaxor kun

I like this art style

Joanna Wilson

im....................... a rainbow baby

Cooper Vance

Gaymer with a y



At 3:15 Tyler’s started to dance

Trash Panda

How the ffffffuck

Tonette Cruz

what is your secret in water bottle flipping

jason jefferson

wait bak the frig up, did I just see an antolion?! HL3 CONFIRMED

Jake Paul





PC mods

Charles Brown

CDPR are the only developers I trust to do a proper GoT game

#4: Gotta serve ice cream to kids in Alaska.


Thumbs up if Jambi Sent You

Soumya Adhikary

Now try cricket


Do those easter egg exist on the gamecube version ?

serge roos

All easter eggs have not yet been discovered


Please take my place


0:40 click it and you'll never regret it

Maria Hussein

You should do West Virginia song


Nice I am watching this one again. It is nice to see such love within A family. That surprise wow. And your emotions got to me. I love the way you all look at your family with so much love...Many Blessing to you all...🙏🙏 ... Stay safe ✌️(◠‿◠)✌️

Muhammad Hashim

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