Tell You Bout

Make a video about her problems on yt



Yankee Doodle

People actully disliked the this video

gucci princess

No one will understand how much I love Marbles




completely fake

Nagarajan Ramakrishnan

All Coby fans hit a like

King Mareo

My nigga on his way ONG on fo on all them niggas 🔥🔥💪🏾😈

Gia Favis

Hit or Miss

Jordan Kosick

This actually made me cry... REeEEeEEE

Garreth Ashlee Pascua



I don’t play these games but the animations are cute

Muhammad Ismoili

Это шедевр!!! Привет из Таджикистана

Gerald Bonifacio

This is a great movie 👍

Rose Albezo

Kylie is such a sweetheart❤️

Aylin Guerrero

I’m eating takis while watching the vid😂

NY Gaming

I'm predict something,One day They're will make a universe for disney Princess.

Izaiah Atwell


PJ Masks FTW Powerpuff Girls Sucks

1 Like = 100 Million Punches For The Bullies In The Nuts

Jake Darkfang

Did you ever think about doing a Dragon Age Inquisition easter egg video? I really enjoy watching your videos, they really help explain some easter eggs I find in games especially when I use your videos to find the easter eggs all together (obviously lol). Keep up with the hunt man!


Bounce town

B_ Q6

Whith misse

James-Lachlan McCallum

I wish more people knew about Scott Pilgrim, one of my favourite films/comics/game soundtracks. Thanks for the awesome video!

Falcon Boy

the potato was a high stick

Maysen Teig

When he said tell them u feel sad that was wrong because if your depressed it’s like your numb and don’t know how to feel I want this video to burn it’s so wrong

chris beech

I love dude perfect😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Varun bharathi

i think dp guys should visit india


pure fluke

nba youngboy



Girl: I'm not a homophobe, I just don't agree with the gays.

Spartacus Smith

0:40 lolol

Javier Elfresco

like always...amazing congratulations man

[EDIT: Slavs are totally amazing, so I thank you very much for including this easter egg]

Antti Tuomisto

Thanks for the skull locations!

donna bryant

dallas cowboys


finally omfg 😭😭😭😭😭

Brian Egan

Good luck aggies manziel for the win

You: are you flying

x sukha punch __


Adrian Barahona Escobar

Cristiano Ronaldo

Angel fangel

I grew up in a Mexican house hold so


Bruv what happed to woods


Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I came here for boobs you did too

Daniela Velasco

mi favorite canción 😭😭😭😍


Bruh its sounded like I just started a round of black ops Zombies

Micky Holly Cross

That's not the right way to find Firestone's claptrap. You're supposed to get on the roof of the gun shop and from there you see it

Dough Dough Pie

No U

He has 300 beers

Kiki S

Is anyone else wondering who has a sleepover EVERY friday????