The Boo Boo Story from Diana and Roma

Mommy is the best person to make you feel better when you have a boo boo! Roma and Diana also learned to help each other when they have boo boo!Diana's INSTAGRAM to Kids Diana Show -

The Abang_Macho

can someone plz explain to me how his voice is like a girl and not deepened? (not being rude)

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#jeti ty

Tiger 12360

0:50 Hehe, I’m in danger

Mujtaba Khan


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2019 anyone ?

Arin Almahmood

3:52 she picks her car like a dress holy shit

Darrin Simpkins

Are you really elon musk 😐

Lachlan Keller

Why did you guys get rid of marksman trickshots? Bring it back please

Did You See That Trick Shots

Video starts at 0:00 you can thank me later

navbahar chaudhary

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Purple Serpent

I really love your channel!



Me: 13 years old hides iPhone 7

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kylo:ok fine but my 15 rand

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MF DOOM + Nujabes + Kendrick = respect +100


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you know i want to see dude perfect VS played nba

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This husband is the GOAT

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That is so me

5.Lies to his friends on the phone saying he’s somewhere else alone when you are in front of him. Nice video as always mate! :)

It really help

Waahid Muhammad

Assassin Turkey! :D


He is correct when I was depressed I didn’t even get out of bed at all unless I absolutely had to. But no that I have a pet I will go outside and do stuff.


Germanywill win 2018 worldcup for sure