The Drums - Let's Go Surfing - Live in London (Full show - track 17 of 18)

The Drums performing ‘Let's Go Surfing’ live at their sold out show at KOKO in London. Watch the full HD gig here: list:1. Bell Laboratories 2. I Can't Pretend3. Me and the Moon 4. Days 5. Book of Stories 6. I Need a Doctor 7. Best Friend 8. Money 9. Book of Revelation 10. I Hope Time Doesn't Change Him 11. How It Ended 12. I Need Fun in My Life 13. The Future 14. Wild Geese 15. Make You Mine 16. Forever and Ever Amen 17. Let's Go Surfing 18. Down by the WaterBuy The Drums’ album “Encyclopedia” now at: iTunes: with Moshcam:Official Website - - - Instagram -


I feel like it's okay to disagree and not like us, as long as you're not hurtful/hateful. Like, as long as you're not saying, "LGBT goes to hell, fuck gays, I hate LGBT," and stuff like that it's fine. You can disagree with us, and still be our friends. But TBH, I want to know why you don't like us. Plain and simple, no websites or statistics, no using the Bible. Just flat out. why do you disagree/not like us?

Elijah Brown

on the meroders map what was the adult thing

Julie I AM

Has anyone looked at the gallbladder and it's functions according to Chinese medicine. I'm reading this'-news/eastern-currents-news/2017/05/01/a-curious-organ---the-gallbladder and getting acupuncture as well as useing cbd oil with tumeric and Also the funny thing is when games like this introduce new and advanced stormtroopers and I'm just like, where were they in the OT...

The Little Kids

TBNR Hobbit

I love tylers hat

Lucien Rezuma

12 bunces

Reef Splittorff

i think Tyler


0:40 adapting is a long term solution, that wall however isn't. Its more like putting a bandaid on the problem it wont be enough in a few years. If you do your own research you´ll find that latelery these have been overflowing, one example being the (now useless) 6.5 billion dollar sea wall in Venice. If you want real change you need to focus on the root problem being climate change.

jugamos jechumar 1

Hola te invito a mi canal suscribete por favor

Brianna Your mom

You should make a mini pallet called heart breaker for Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️

jelly bean

Haha panda in the audience

Damian A

Make another one like that

Mistuiqe: Catwoman.

Kitty Petter

I love that her dads phone is pink

Girl talking to surfers

Dina Knight

after years of waiting you finally gave us back our pokemon walking outside of their pokeball behind us in lets go, but take it away again in sword&shield like the villainous creatures you are. i cant believe it

Amy Proulx

This is so inspiring congrats on pacing your diploma

Justyn Henning

10x better than youtube rewind

Tammy Crabtree


Smoke a lot Of kush420

Yeah ion about y'all but I think the original was better😏💯


15 min woah thats long compared to ur other vids! congrats :D

Moirangthem Nirman singh

Badminton trickshot


He really liked the dragon shirt :)

Alex K

I am watching in 2017

Fun _cool

How is big your house

McLaren lover98

where is coby!!!!

Timothy Low

Swish Swish Bish

Froggie Girl

My brother was about 5 months early

john m

Metal gear solid 3 where snake dreams is the best one i ever seen. Its not in theh versions

Itsyourboi 101

2019 I’ll rewatch


The song is Des Rocs- Let me live

Cynthia Buck

Hello my child, do you have an eating disorder?

Melanie Ball

wolf and panda


😥😪😭 I hope he gets better

The nonoffensive demon unicorn


Aubrey Williams

That's were my parents car got robbed

Rad Kid 95032

Tyler/WhipGarrett/SlingshotCoby/Thor's HammerCody/CrossbowCory/Baseball Bat

meyka alan

V gm d

park S


SLENDERMAN the cool kid

They already have the gold one dude


I Luuuuuuuv Horses


How tf elsa can run in ice?!

Brianne Rice



OMG... thats pretty good.

Soupy GaMeR

usa é o caraio aq é Brasil porra


Why is this lady trying make herself sound better when she says at 3:50 that she didn't treat him as her equal like girl

Dangerous cuber

lesean McCoy

Best easter egg