The fastest workers are high - level experts and professionals - YouTube

High-level experts do their work not only quickly but also qualitatively. Music:1.Roots of Legend2.Blunt3.Grind4.Stinger5.Databytez

But not possess'd it, and, though I am sold,

Blaster Expert

Lol. The policemen have no sense of humor.

Arcen Loben

i was thinking why is this electrifying ? . . . . then i look at the channel and its literally saying " James Corden " . . . . oh . . . that's why its electrifying then . . . . .

Thot Hunter 69


Space Beagle

my aunt smokes and she started coughing ALOT more than normal so I said to her "Would you choose to save me or a pack of cigarettes?" Kinda like his girlfriend and ever since then she has stopped I'm so proud and happy for her.

Hi Ima fangirl :p

#34 trending in America! Woohoo!!

Sharleez Afzaal

People:Frozen was the best movieDisney: Hold my beer

Meagan DeSalvo

I feel like in the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend, I was very secure.. now i'm not sure if it is lack of love or what.. but I seem to be relating heavily towards avoidant and it is very stressful because I want to give him all this love and attention, but when it comes to actually doing it.. I'm so against it and hate the idea. But as far as my personality goes, because of my childhood, I am a very independent person and don't want the help from others and love to be alone at times.

Michael 098

Nice trophy Ty!!!???!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Jack Clark

Definitely top 3rd fav song!!

allie chu

he shook make a palette of all pinks like blue blood and and blood sugar, and he should name it candy floss

Panda Panda

That Tijuana team would actually be pretty stacked if it was with those players

Joel Garza


Nikhil Rao

Coby can never w8n his second battle

John Naldoza

He should join the Olympics!

Pete the Paper Boat

The big headed guys really freak me out

You can skip to see him but its great i wonder what his name is but i cannot complete contract :(


Me at the golden skull easter egg: 'Hmmm Wonder what weapon it is. *sees a zombie fly* WTF TYPE OF BAT IS THAT :D!


I'd gtfo the game if I had to kill turtles..

Lamonte Brown

This gave me bad vibes 😕

Eric Damphousse

Take notes Parkey


The HALO:REACH Easter egg where the hidden door  opens is in the other side of the normal cutscene... if you look closely, the globe is identical in the cutscene and within the secret room. If you're in the cutscene look straight and you will slightly see that room on the other side of the globe.



1:33 mano ali ta escrito "rancho Santa Fé"

mimi nguyen

I love the netherlands

Mateo Pedro

Where Garrett in this video


date rape bond

Weird Things Chanel

Show panda real face

Insane Gaming

Y is this in my recommended?

Cool TV


Antonio Nguyen

He good a pistol on at the part when aiming 0:30

King Of Lolis

Great horror game since the last of us

Maple Estelle

Bro I have the exact same toaster oven😂


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