The Hated Child BUT The Story Is DIFFERENT || Gacha Life Mini Movie - YouTube

You've seen a TON of Gacha Movies that are related to "The Hated Child", right? Well, in this one I made this story DIFFERENT. It's (probably) a movie that's like no other!Anyways, hope you like and enjoy the video! Remember to subscribe for more random videos like this!

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Did any one notice that 4 card around the world he busted the bottle with a credit card

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This really helped me thx!

Growing up it wasn’t easy tho...

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@Seibitsu are you German? That miss thing is how Germany spells meow.

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Mr no touch cought a fish that was already cleaned the fish had a slice in the belly 😂

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Big edit

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i was in aggieland this summer, i wish i woulda saw these guys

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why does the tall guy look like jackfilms

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This is exactly my story except to the part of diarrhea and tangling cord. I pushed 5 1/2 hrs - during 6 1/2 hrs, I was fainted for an hour or so. But by the time my boy came out, my vision completely blurred and I started shaking like anything- it’s due to loss of blood, dr said.

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does she have a spot with no hair...

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Loved the last part after the credits 😂😂😂

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Who disliked this masterpiece ?


Where is Garret