The heaviest breakdown ever was witnessed here! | Pantera - Domination (Live Video) | REACTION

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Manoj Kr


Hall Atkinson

I subed and liked every thing


I love the rage monster


I have a question, do panic attacks and panic disorder last for years? Please be honest

Jules van der Hoeven

Very cool


Wyatt Wilson

1:36 guru talked... not my proudest fap

Mr Orange

The last one

Thijs NL

Anyone watching this in 2019

Peter 6597 hockey


Earl The Red

Weird flex but ok


There is no sound in space becouse there is no matter for the sound travel in

CharaAj venom

I feel sorry for u hope u are OK now


#7 Made me jump

Tyler Remphrey


Rise the drake

Jesus Fucking Christ absolutely murdered

Fire electric

Krisjen Vibe

I heard that who ever has a cone on their heat is handicap

Bryan Rogers

Air craft shot

lucas kattelli

I’m a tomboy but I like memes not sports


I've always been confused since this video came out. Is Ty the shadow guy, or is Gar?


4:30 it's not "Sam"(Dog), is "Max"(Rabbit) lol

Tyler Kalkwarf

Coby wasn't there when they saw the panda