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Every YouTube guru has their own opinions and ideas about the best way to get views on YouTube, but in today's video I'm pulling back the curtain to show you where I ACTUALLY got most of the views that catapulted my channel from 0 to nearly 200,000 subscribers.What's the best advice you've learned that has really helped you grow your channel?🎬 Want more YouTube views? Download the FREE Video Upload Checklist!WHAT TO WATCH NEXTHow to Start a Youtube Channel: Step-by-Step for Beginnersvs YouTube Channel: Which should you start?I Turned My YouTube Channel Into a 6-Figure BusinessMindset Shifts that Changed My LifeLINKSLearn more about Gillian and find resources to build your online business:our private Facebook group! Gillian on Instagram to get a BTS look at what it's like to be a digital entrepreneur: MAILGillian Perkins InternationalP.O. Box 13573Salem, OR 97309NOTE: This description may contains affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, this channel may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support!

Gibson D Lakins

I know Who panda is

The healthy Kumquat

The ty copyer


Half Of Those I watched and now i see how dirty they are. XD



Hi guy on the window at 5:20


Oh gosh, the confusion is too much, it hurts my head

People are proud : /

Liza Luni

Wat an amazing story you have 😍😍😍

Melinda Li

Garrett baseball fail

Myles Fournier

I hate the ones where the guest does everything and dude perfect just talks

Joanne Hogan

Will coby ever win a battle ??????????

Anthony Ortiz


Noob Destroyer

home? 3:12

anthony DeNobrega

Why would panda youse a ball thats on fire

Turner Albers

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Re Reh my husband

She's blaming everyone for what happens to her

Tyrion Brooks


Daniela Luz

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Jonny Rosette

I love you, because you love Mirrors Edge.

Wavvy head Sarah

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John carter Crawson

Human controller


We have money in da bank.

Pastor David M. Tarawally



She's scary to look at


jaja its funny how the always have the same reaction :p

Rubén Reyes

i want to say that there are some easter egg of the serie LOST in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER season 6 chapter 10

Nathanael Kolssak

Give chandler another chance


Yes, todos los dias

Keyan Ghasemi

I thought you were talking about the walking dead TV show not the game lol I was so confused

Mom:I gave birth to you and we went home about a week after

Juliana Marielle

Oh boy

Akim Da Silva

Coby kinda won a battle

Timothy Hassler

That steak looks like you just cut it off the cow. At least clean the blood off it first.

Mr andrei Gamer XD

Hey Cory,Cody and Coby we love you gooooo!!!!!!!!

TJ The Entertainer

My mom was also an extreme alcoholic after I was born. I wish I could do something, but my dad told me Mom had to admit she was a drinker on her own


um.. why is the first 40 seconds me!?

Aristofanes Cesar

qien ira al concierto de bad bunny


it's manny's or Stan's


Meme overload? I don't think I needed that in my life, but I'll take it

Gacha Potato


Beyan Morales

Did they put condoms on the bananas


How did Coby miss HIGH on the 6 ft 6 guy?

Alex trevino

Team necklace

Abdulla Alshehhi

This game for xbox only ???

mizuhara 水原

Not sure if troll, or plain stupid.

Hannah Uglesich

i hate Annie

Mitzi Lou Madrangca


my name is gavin...

Gabrielle_ Stephanie

I actually ship lisa and anna lmao.

GameShow - Apex Moments

Random tip/trick: If you put your weapon away, you can climb higher up a wall 👍