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The Weeknd - The Hills (Official Video)Download Song: Taken from the new album Beauty Behind The Madness Stream/Share on Spotify:Connect with The Weeknd:by Grant SingerProduced by Nathan ScherrerProduction Company: FREENJOY, INC.Music video by The Weeknd performing The Hills.© 2015 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.of The Weeknd: here:

Little_ Brush

These are like Androids from Detroit: Become Human

Sarthak Roy

Last goal was awsome badass

*Video never exists*


I was born 2 months early and I am pretty healthy


That grammar nazi one hit hard, I always 'lay" D:

xd Flxsh

2:57Mining away


2019 ??

The cutest thing this year.


oh yeah my bad , i saw your vid ^^

Stephen Odonnell

2019 anyone


I think you showed the swamp boi already

Abraham N T

Builder hall was the biggest mistake of clash of clans!!!!

Default Demolition

👏 this 👏 is 👏 why 👏 I’m 👏 a 👏 single 👏 Pringle 👏

Ethan Santiago Sullivan


XxMystic wølfxX

My mum want me to violin and only tell me the mistakes and not the good thing and I like drawing and doing YouTube videos but my mum says it not useful

Dinario Taffe

All the way team necklace there is no way ty could smash it even for a range monster

Planet Plastic

cody has never seen christmas story

Blake Domasik

I dont see no lax ball in there 😡

Asmae Abdellah

well i compare myself to other ppl all the time and that makes me feel sometimes deppresed and jealous or sad even if i'm better than them in a lot of things but i get this as a bad habbit to compare myself and hate me that really makes me feel sad and weak !

Kornelia Jamrozek

When Simon 'caught it' I couldn't breathe 😂😂😂

javid farooqui

Dp please do it with the avengers


Privacy risk game

Erick Peña

The threesome joke is the best freakin joke ever 😂

Joe Lockley

I get the feeling their being sponsored by Pringles for some reason 😂😂

When iron man dies and spider man is sad

Anticreepypasta Family

My first boyfriend cheated on me too

violet the panda

3:07 ur welcome

Tim Jim

I really thought people would be nicer since he almost died


The mom deserves a fucking death sentence and no last meal choices for her

lara's word


Tommy S



4:26 thats what she said

eee skereee

wiz is just freestyling , love u both . U and Annie are the most cute babies and i love u so much (i sound like a fan but that's the truth tho) great songs , lyrics on fleek💜

5th: Coby W: 1 L: 100 ;-; WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Jacob Schoenfeld

Don't be so mean but don't brag just cuz you one that's rude who actually in this case it's not but still you shouldn't be like that

Donna Morgan

Well,well, well, now we see that the calf injury is now for sure an Achilles injury NOW! I didn't even watch game 5. When I saw K.D, I was like" oh well, there will be a game 6, seriously. To wake up this morning, see 105/106, with headlines " Kevin Durant, achilles injury! All I could think was, that so sad. I am sure he knew this was the risk he was taking for the game he loves so much. Athletes take risk All the time. This may well have been his last game in the finals with the GSW. One thing is for sure, when that achilles is back to normal K.D will be THE PLAYER that another franchise will pay big time money to have on their roster. I loved watching him as a young player on OKC with Westbrook, Harden(I was a fan) I wasn't a fan of his move to the Warriors. I really felt the Thunder could have beat the Warriors with the combination they had. All this just to say, I am truly a Kevin Durant fan now. I have watched footage of this guy without any fancy foot work just play what I see as just down right PRETTY basketball😲. It's like poetry in motion. I am over the decision he made to go to an already well oiled machine. The fact is in my eyes, right now, he should go down in history as a top 10 all around GREAT ballers. Achilles injury or not, that's a Baaaaaaaaad MAN!😘Thank you Stephen A. for the training😉



The three broz

Totally not sponsored by abarath