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Chris Foss

such a good song

Dark Vampire

That last one was cringy as hell

Kyra Thirza


Sam D-B

I saw this when I was playing :D Very sneaky Egg they put in!


I've ignored every other easter eggs video, because yours had to be the first one


I like 2nd and last rocket


i played Madden 16 and Aaron Rodgers was on there

sam wolf

jsw everywhere. hide your children😂😂

STEN Gaming And Music

Good to know the combination of the ssd and the solid state drive together are fast


I wonder why gear Garrett was crying


dude this guy should be in the nba for fucks sake. his team would be in 1st place within 2 games.

cesco z

What about the "Do a barrel roll" message when you escape from the Zin emperor in a ship

d d

1616 give me money and ill join for free. ur on a free platform DEAL WITH IT DOPE OR NOPE OR LEAVE STOP BEGGING

Nicolas Blanco

Mas falso


Merry Christmas my dood

Djamil Chaabi

From algeria 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿love ur vidéo 😍😎😍😎

Alex Hatch

Idk how this aint at 100ms views ... This aint no foot race..its a marathon bitch 💯💯💯💯💯💯

Ján Šnirc

Please make airsoft trick shots

Mr. Mpy

Wtf is this 😂😂😂

Shennel Miller

Well i saw piece of wing drop on that red cloth classy or not im taking it up and eat it😂😂😂😂😂 knowing the pig i am


What was wrong with the first one?

Timi Dutta

" Are you ready for the Jimmy kimm show?!"

Fire Girl


MidLife Crisis

you the best

Andrew Dennison

Still looking for the song

Also Dude perfect: yeah we are running out of ideas.

goes to his house

Super Bazooka

wtf Konami


2:04 Another one

Kim Cortes

Fat isn't fat

Chase Burleson

You did not get a nurse cody


If I knew mary


I just noticed his 100k sub special will also be his 100th video AWESOME


1:06 thats how I was born actually! They made 4 babies and the 2 cells that looked the strongest in the womb cuz my mom wanted twins, but one died. Then me and my sister went in, and I survived. She ended up with 2 babies, me and my older brother. She said she hated it, but she did what she had to do

Trina Riggott

It’s funny I’m seeing comments saying 1 yr ago and I’m like “they could’ve wrote that two days ago or maybe even yesterday” lol it’s new years


Heck. I learned some easter eggs from the show are refrences to the area around Durham, NC where the brothers grew up. They refrence the Eno River, Lake Jordan, and even the neighborhood they trick-or-treat in is named after a subdivision in Durham... and the details are so fine they even got the font of the sign right

Anneke Hudson

Great how rude are they!!!!!


Best shot ever

Haza Boy123

4:45 better than randy orton wwe fans understand


Yeah I guess that would be pretty stupid.

Kara Winquist

Smh is all he did was grab her ass.. but he should’ve asked

Sergei Nathanael Woen

Egg ception

'Cause I'm fucking all these hoes

Jonah Rosen

Jimmy Kummel

Ethan's Place

This is just a basic conversation video