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Mike Cloud

zeek sucks

Roberto Vargas

They cheated Corry got 30.9 and panda got 31.2

Doug V.

Omg I also noticed in my play through that the pub looked similar to the one in Uncharted 3! I feel special.

Cassy duncs

I live in Africa it really IS wonderful.


i think i subscribed for basketball...

_ ktcolflesh _

1:41 who’s mr. T? WE KNOW TY! We know panda is your brother

anon Anonymous



i can even throw a football through a hula hoop


what an orgasm

Theofficial WET

I have mixed emotions. Are u supporting young smokers or not. In the beginning i was kinda frustrated and now idk cause after eveyon threw there "mist" away. Due to overdose. Idk man. Mixed emotions.😀😑😡😢



Bryanna Darbone

1 like = to give her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Jayden Nguyen

It was crazy

Run-a-Muck Outfitters

I have your Murch

Pretty bye bye

Guys can anyone tell me why in videos like this 60 fps are much better than ps4 60 fps games? its supposed to looks better in ps4 right? but still in ps4 feels like 30 fps :O

Skylar Bruce

god bless these videos

Adrian Cardenas

Mitchell Trubisky

Arlando Bailey

Hi guru, i love your videos and all your Easter eggs, they are all so interesting, thank you for taking the time to find these Easter eggs.(by the way is ur YouTube photo a Easter egg or no)

Einar Kári Loftsson


Geralt Of Rivia

Damn it I was hoping cowboy got the win

Kylee Tanaka

I love this story

I liked my own comment

Sara's Channel

This story totally from a mean girl😂😂😂


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Wtf did I just watch lol ...