Tik Tok But It's Basically Vine 3

Tik Tok but it's basically Vine 3Download Tik Tok here: Out Today's Sponsor And Get Your FREE AirPods:all Tik Tok Vines here:is my third video on tik tok. I tried to make it as if Vine never left. Some clips are actually edited so it fits a bit more to the vine vibe. Hope you will like it :)Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.I do not own any of clips used in the video.I dont take credit for any of them and never will.All credits go to the rightful owners.If you would like to get credited or have a complaint about certain clip used, just send me an email. There is no need for unnecessary copyright strikes. :)kinter42@gmail.comThis video is sponsored by tiktok.#tiktok #vines #goinspire

Hattie Harvey

They’re like todays Lonely island

Tony '"Talk to Cowboy'" Ferguson.

Matt Rodarte


Phobos, the Terraria Shitposter

2:24 "This game is dope as fuck dude" That's the first Guru easter egg I spotted without any help! yay

danny crash

Best youtuber ever , hey if you can , can you make advance warfare

té S

I was born almost a month late

Xd Lilbdasniper


Geometry Dash Xenon

Rip Harambe man

Suleman Lodhi


Cuteness Queen

Title: It Was The Best Gift In The World.

Daniela Velasco

mi favorite canción 😭😭😭😍


Well, no one is outdoing that Tony opener anytime soon.

Kashika -


Marsara Captain

Why do people hate 76? I had my suspicions before I got it, but once I played it, I'm enjoying it so far, I get lost sometimes, and yes, there are ALOT of reused assets from Fallout 4, and there are npc's, just not human npc's. I find myself trying to put together a story based off of what I see, not what I'm told, I also LOVE the look of the wilderness, Fallout 76 is a beautiful game, seeing storm clouds roll in over The Mire while standing on a cliff face in the Savage Divide, and roaming through The Forest to your next location and seeing the sunlight peer through the forest canopy, it's all beautiful. Don't get me wrong, the game isn't perfect, but is it really as bad as people claim it to be?

1960's Clint Eastwood

Dwight and Andy playing "Country Roads" together must be my favorite part of the whole show.

No, just me🙈

Lia LpsTV

“How I became a gold digger,”

Ramses Ruiz


Zoey Cherryhoof

If this happened in real life then why don't you use actual footage? And also, how dare you forget about cats!

Ninja Doo

Give meh a shout out plz

jose luis tinajero



I saw you Khaled.

Quamik Cross



What's up with these fetish videos bruh

Alex Recker


Bruno Santos

Love your videos! Are you going to do one for Ready Player One?

Joseph Drane

The music luck from halo 3 ugh chillssss.


its world at war at 1:00

I would always look for the video and watch it.

Briony rose

you forgot "here's johnny" in mortal kombat x. a reference to the shining