LISTEN TO TOMMY CASH ON SPOTIFY HERE ~ BY: ROBERT NIKO LYRICZ:[Hook (Repeat x4)]Guess who's back?Up in the mixWith my long brown hairAnd my big white lips[Verse 1]The year was grey, 1991When Tommy got produced by some chemical waste and cumScientific project, escaped from KazakhstanI am married to those beats, wheres my number one fan?Half human, half machine, not a real fucking human beingCan't cry, only hope. Can't smile, so I smokeWithout a wolfpack, a loner, my mood getting colderI'm only 21 but my mind is olderGonna live large, die young, most insaneThis flow hit hard like Kurt Cobain[Hook (Repeat x4)]Guess who's back?Up in the mixWith my long brown hairAnd my big white lips[Verse 2]Once upon a time not long agoCame out white dynamiteYou never heard of me beforeI don't live by the gunI live by the tonSmoke all that shit flush it down with the rumAs I sit in my dark roomMake music like I'm draculaOut of fresh blood, going fucking smackulaI may be young but I'm definitely readyThese blue balls full of lyricsAre getting kind of heavySo I outburst, a fat dose as I converseMetaphor after metaphor, soon I talk in reverseAs I come back straight with a combatPaint pictures with my words, so they call me abstract[Hook (Repeat x2)]Guess who's back?Up in the mixWith my long brown hairAnd my big white lipsTammyDirector / Janar AronijaCinematographer / Reinis Helmuts AristovsProducer / Rolf Jürgen MetsaCo-producer / Max KroonmannArt Designer / Tomas TammemetsMake-Up, Costume Designer / Liisa-Chrislin SalehEditors / Janar Aronija, Henri PiirojaSpecial Effects / Henri PiirojaColorist / Freddy-Alder SaunanenAC, Gaffer / Martin VenelaGaffer / Freddy-Alder SaunanenConcept Creators / Janar Aronija, Tomas Tammemets, Max KroonmannSPECIAL THANKSVääna-Posti Autolammutus,, Erianlingg, North Star Rental, Phuto films, Protest Kohvikklubi, Ammeco Auto OÜ, Fankadelik, Universaal, Naeratuse Lasteaed, USA Today Outlet, Kirsti Saleh, Anna-Liisa Rink, Robert Niko, Svetlana Bondarenko, Ringo Müür, Birgit Suitsu, Tanel Tänna, Volmer Kliimand, Kadi Kolk, Laur Pakk, Aleksei Mutovkin, Rainar Aasrand, Liis Milk, Madis Alumäe, Raido Rannik© PropaPanda ProductionsTOMM¥ €A$H TOMM¥ €A$H TOMM¥ €A$H TOMM¥ €A$H TOMM¥ €A$H


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Kinda Early

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So, their heads were not at the same position. So if Gar put his head more forward than Coby’s but blew the same sized bubble, Gar would’ve won


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High Bow Puffin 64

all I can think while watching this is etika

King Julian: Uh, You got no teeth.

Olivia. Yeah


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This looks bad

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This video was different sure as he said in the description and it was kinda nice as a new test

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Lil sky and Craig Xen : Hold my death note

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Curry brothers

HardRock GlamMetal

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thats good you know .you just had a dream



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Obrigado por fazer legenda para nós brasileiros!!!!!

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This is why i love friend zone ☺


Isn't putting a horror game like FEAR on this list a little redundant?