TOP 10 BEST Got Talent Singers auditions EVER! With Complete Interview

TOP 10 BEST Got Talent auditions EVER!I choose these songs on my personal point of view and it can be different from whatyou might have selected. So don't become Grumpy :P Thanks!Do let me know which one is better in your point of view.Enjoy! :)Alice Fredenham - My Funny Valentine - Britains Got Talent-2013 (00:00-08:10)Kevin Skinner -If Tomorrow Never Comes -America's Got Talent 2013(08:11-14:00)Calum Scott - Dancing on my own - Britains Got Talent 2015(14:01-18:37)David Fenley - Too Close - Americas Got Talent 2013(18:39-23:43)Michael Collings - Fast car - Britain's Got Talent 2011(23:45-29:15)Owen Campbell - Sunshine road -Australia's Got Talent 2012(29:16-36:43)Ryan O'Shaughnessy - No Name - Britains Got Talent 2012(36:44-43:55)Isaac Waddington - Always A Woman - Britain's Got Talent 2015 (43:56-46:24)Sam Kelly- Make You Feel My Love - Britains Got Talent 2012(46:25-53:57)- Britain got talent -America Got Talent -Australia Got Talent

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Musical Interlude

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0:20 Courtney Miller is typing