Top 10 Celebs Meet Their Celeb Crush

#Celebrity who have met their celeb #crushWATCH PART 2: you like this video COMMENT & SUBSCRIBEINSTAGRAM VIBES♡ : & OUTRO SONG: Alessia Cara - Here: VideosLINKS:1) Selena Gomez - Shia LaBeouf: Rapper - Beyonce: Ariana Grande - Jim Carrey: Lawrence - Jeff Bridges: Ruffalo - Paul Rudd: - Johnny Depp: Anne Hathaway - Mariah Carey: Adam Scott - Mark Hamill:Emma Stone - Mel B: Diane Keaton - Justin Bieber:

Ian Mike

I feel so bad for Coby, I hate snakes!

Social media hogger

xXMeGaLo Xx

hey it does have 9,000,000 hits

Wyvern Wolfe

Dont start a US election war here - But, with all the smart people in America, and all politicains that are good - How the fuck did Hillary and Trump be popular? Fucking serisouly? US votes were mostly, this ones a woman, and this one is a racist... and the results were 50/50? Ok...


first one S.H.I.T

Same Day

should of trickshotted

Gene Weihe

But that was half yellow cards

El Dominican

What an educated gentleman

Naomi Fairchild

They all have mustaches!

Culpa Cubana

Go to Paris next!!! You guys are such an awesome duo

Sorry was me


The news that's hitting everybody is that the guy in the blue t-shirt is part owner of the team. Never mind that what I notice is that the guy that push Kyle was one of the weakest shoves of all time.

Joel Chavez

Merry christmas dude perfect

Kyle Brown

11:14 Game developers should have done You’re. I can understand no apostrophe though

kumar penke

Please on badmintion

It's so horrifying that when I was jumpscares I screamed

Angela's Diary

This reminds me of the idea of that one black mirror episode! Anyone know which I'm talking about?

Frank Goodman

What did the grape say when it got stepped on nothing it just let out a little wine

Мамед Мамедов

Тоже ищешь Русский комментарий?😄 и лайкните ребята, пусть америкососы подумают что я что-то умнее написал!!!

But another easter egg can be found on the map Inferno.

Avery Caton

3:04 RIP panda


Not really a purple hoser fan, BUT THAT ROCKET WAS AMAZING

So you're saying they're irreparably defective?

Ep;c Amos Tamang

Did u see coby yeet the guy

Senon Dep

They r soooooooo rich

Ray Vlogger

What song?

Angeli Young

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