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Mr. Commenter

Okay...I got another class of economics..ugh!😑

Jayson Ramos

January 2019

Melon Musk

Sweet The Last Of Us Chillhop. Just perfect


You should make a little diy closet for marbles

Egiovanni 01

Oh shit guru is kidnapped by Isis

TheSushiDemons 333

You guys should put ice cream in there or lemonade

Rodney O

one of the most epic games in NBA many storylines... looking forward to the next game



bob bob

As someone who cuts their self and is depressed I was pissed when she said " she cuts for attention"


Erin’s job is pornography

Atilla Gamercheto

I'l place another ❤ for every like


IMPORTANT (Not really but sorta): There is a 3rd mask in the last one, it just didn't appear for me when I recorded it. Here it is:

Captain Sparrow

When you die you fuckin die shows over nothing tata bye bye gone yeah 😂

Samir Paez

Ok so I was aware that Guru made quality content but HOLY SHIT!! You outdid yourself this time Guru. Keep up the good work as always

Prestige Cake

0:07 the pin is still up lol

Kyllah Kamunyu

Yay ty won🎉🎉🎉

Royce Muzic

He didn't like a black guy getting too close to his wife. We all know how much white women love black men👀

Donald Graham

How's panda

Yen Vuong

Aww don’t make me cry op, welp there I go crying

Spencer Bear

steak sandwich from subway

Pro- anorexia group??

elias semanshia

Amazing how quickly the guy turns his head when making more money is mentioned.😆😆

Alex The memelord

Jeff do

Darian Hill

The goat of editing has arrived.


Great video as always 👍🏾👍🏾

Adoption is an option.

Faiza Yaseen

You should need aswimming pool

RAIN Nightmare

U trash

Silver Kane

Does anyone know what's the name of that song playing in this video while Blake's walking out of the village and all the children of Knoth are dead?

April Zhou

I'm not sure that this is how appendicitis works. As a person who's been through the exact surgery they talked about, I think that a part of this is fake. However, I almost cried watching this video and I feel really bad for whoever had to go through this

Micro USB

Love you guru been here since GuruKidHD btw whatever happened to that music channel

Christine Gay Reales-Aban

In the Philippines we didn't watch Yuri on Ice what the hell

alexander back

I really want to see you guys do discus and a shotput

Scott the Scattergun

Hey Dude Remember Me From My Top 10 Easter Eggs In Indie Horror Games. Why Don't You Do Best Easter Eggs Series: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Thumbs Up If You Want Him To Make It).

Pedro more faze clan

Pand is Cory

D Henry

what platform is the stanley parable on?

Multi-stan Hoe

“You can’t have kids”

Luke Games


I’m Jozzles2

Damn it felt like I was watching an short episode of Black Mirror

Александр Крючков

Русские лайк