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Guigus 2

So cool


But it's so difficult to make the decision to stop the relationship...

Renee Bond

I workout and I’m 9 years old

Tim & my dog Elsie

Play with Scot sterling next and see if he saves everything eith his face

Mr. Normal

My account is hacked so you can't subscribe to it.

Lavignia Balon

I'm trying to catch fish, but i caught a golf ball...


That crying in the talos Easter egg sounded like the game eternal darkness, and its crying when your sanity is low. Sounds completely like it

Lil Offkey

Anxious type all the way ;-;

anakin blood

TPS: here ill make you so very happy

Joshua Grande Gutierrez

J.K. Rowling!!!!!!!

Zoey Ashtryd

oooh controversial titleeee I like it



Jason Davis

So you can make almost impossible shots from sick distances and you cant even hit a target with an egg from 20 yards away....ok ok


If this guy becomes the president of America in the future . I will definitely move in America .

Claire Bear

School is actually fun if you make it fun in your own and creative good way!

4. Have you ever reflected that Jesus commands us to love our neighbour AS OURSELVES? Then suck it up! People lose their lives every day to cancer your lucky to be alive it'll grow back you only get one life.