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Phoebe Connor

I’ve got a condition that I have forever it’s PKU

sarath maize

This is game or movie ?


Oh yes, because I DARE speak the truth to little children.

maimouna diop

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Self 4905

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Griffin Grimes

Yoooooooooooo check out ballin up basketball trick shots 1 and 2

PMW Official

what about twitch???


can we get a link in the description for the references in cabin in the woods?

Commando Kitten

Her voice is making my ocd go crazy

Wwe Adam

@DH124everIt isn't fake, they have to try it over and over until they get it.Why would it be fake just because he's wearing different clothing? That wouldn't change the fact that he made it. Lol.During the shot replays he always had his cap on, it's in the water after he lands. If you're talking about the hat he wears at the beginning, the set took days to setup, he didn't come every single time with that cap.

Mary Saleh

I ship em 😗😌

yeni toy

0:16 that’s what happens when fortnites toxic.

Sergeant Stalfos -moved-

at 1:08... On the poster next to the door... Is that... Smile dog?

Jami Garey

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Yosr loves you

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play it 1.5 faster


anyone else saw the "easter egg" with his name in the shot

Leonard Velazquez

I literally shivered and got goosebumps at that last one...


Nice cats and video man

Lonny Yummy0w0

Draw me like one of your french girls-

Thorsten Böhme

5:05 not even for a second was I thinking that the protagonist was being mean. She fully trusted her husband and he broke the trust. There is no way back from there.

Sprite S0da

I have had depression since I was 10 I'm 14 now

Eric Royal

I’m 5’9 and still walks faster then your everyday 7 footer


This came out on my b-day

Anthony Lee

Is it just the twin


I knew it was Sharon instantly from her mouth !

Fresh Tube Gaming

3:01 The Boomerang Catch is cutted

who is she

Pedro Simões

on start have on tower of tf2


You should do workout Stereotypes tho

MASTER B Ballers

Nice video

Tino Pippo



Gotta give it to them, Clever people. Didn't notice its appearances in all those movies, 'cept for the first two Toy Story-ies


Hey Guru, if you didn't like Shadows of Evil, try The Giant. I feel it would be more of your taste because it is way less complicated :)

Davit Barseghyan

You guys are at hidden meadow park in frisco tx my house is like 5 minutes from there!!

Omar Tube

2019 feb 1 anyone?

Antonio Martinez

love the ending


Hindu gods in god of war? Also who else came here for god of war

Jayson Peitzman

Zelda: we finally did it!! we defeated ganon!

Enas Khalil


Carlos Hernandez

Say Vitamins again lol