Watch as Roddy White receives the surprise of a lifetime from Matt Ryan and Michael Jenkins - YouTube

Watch as former Falcons WR Roddy White receives the surprise of a lifetime from Matt Ryan and Michael Jenkins that he will be inducted into the Atlanta Falcons Ring of Honor. #InBrotherhood #AtlantaFalcons #RiseUp #NFLSubscribe to the Atlanta Falcons YT Channel: more Falcons videos: more Falcons action: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram:

It's that 28th guy

*At the studio*

beyblades Masters

I don't get it

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- UnSaltedCake -

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Meghan Hayes

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lilo manner

This is gonna be epic. I know this and I haven’t even clicked on the trailer yet.

Brooke Coon

Poor panda no wonder he always has two black eyes

Convel Blade

Team necklace

Dennis Andre

3:15 Did you notice Ty dancing in the background? 😂

Team Jag

This video was more like Ty Perfect


I found this a few days ago while playing with google maps, if you search "groom lake" (area 51) and drag the little orange street veiw guy over it, he appears in a ufo. A dOg sAvEd mY lLiFE

Esteban Loz

At 3:27 get sperd

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Dude Perfect I WOULD LOVE it if I could visit DP HQ

aurora-dg3 *Fangirl*

In my opinion their parents are still alive

Ben Harling

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Heidi Hartman

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Brian Vo


Aaron Lopez

1:10 check the wall :')

Cindy Workman

NOOOOOO I VOTE COBY ALL THE WAYBTW you guys should try out for the NBA you guys are amazing!

Stuart Matthis

Would not buy a used car from this person or let it babysit a family member.

Nicholas Esquibal

literally me everyday

Morgan Loves you

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300 subscribers without any videos challenge

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cazynoobin 56

Dude Perfect is the best

Anastasia Khitiri

Omg its fantastoc😀veryy good

Reads title

Mamta Singh

You got 172M view

Justino Serrano

Hallelujah by Everfound, your welcomed.

Edit: I meant unfortunate

Trump Tower


Bishrant Bastola

wiz not smoking in this vid heheh something new love it

Vaughn Schwietert

The dog at the end of the video rip and also rip The old guy