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There are loads of inventions and products you can buy online. Some are weird and pointless, though some of the weirdest ones are still really awesome! Here are 20 amazing but weird inventions!Subscribe for more! ► ◄Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: beamazedvideos@gmail.comCredit:

Michael Lockington

Now that the dust is settling on FFVII Remake development, I know this move is Square prepping us for the FFVIII Remake.

Eric Monfils

Man, it has more reverence for the source material than Fury Road did. As great as an action flick Fury Road was I don't think it was a great Mad Max movie.

Gelzo Playz

Dude perfect im sure you guys use i movie

Zoe Stott

This vid put a smile on my face 😊


umm.....have it been confirmed that the "striking vipers" has saito gemu written on the top corner? Like that was NOT visible or able to make out despite your zoom in

Quality content


"Not my grandma!" LOL




y’all should let me make a video abt the day that my teacher read my love note out loud to my class. true story, it happened to me about 2 weeks ago💀



Young Potential

Imagine having that in your birthday even if u old. That will take u to your inner kid 😂

ps I’m a small youtuber

Amanda Elena LeFevre

Tati makes me feel so good about my self

Sofia Pastor

Is your mom ok too?

Framal Editha Gaerlan

Is this fucki 'n real

Carlitos Chavez



not sure who. Think keith, will say "I wanted the sign to be green" reffering to GTA

Theo Daskalakis


Bonnie 123

What vr are you useing

Bored Guy

I thought this was a Matt Stonie video for a second.



ok where can i get mt own of those bike motor circle things because i need one

Kris De Guzman


Palomita Martínez

He has my birthday!

Tyrant Lizard King

You can get the model with no hacks or mods by shooting 100 cars with alarms in multiplayer.


What about the Slenderman easter egg?