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Sunny Dayzzz


kawaii kittys

This is not a question but I've been suffering from the highest level of depression and have told my father and sister they both didn't believe me, and my sister just verbally abuses me more and my mother is going through a lot of stress and I think she doesn't like me very much. how do I convince and tell them now?

Sam Jenkins

pl0t tw1st: brodie is the panda

Ali A

Edward Scissorhands was my shit B


Everything is on lava! 🔥

Vincent Loya

Guru sounds like a great British narrator.

Maud Quéméneur

Ouch! Too real....

The Mighty Masturbator

How big is the world of State of Decay? Can you compare it with another Open World game map? Me the whole video (except Tom and the other ones I know but if I name them this will be to long thx for still reading this

Party Petusum

3:29 "one of my girlfriends"????

federico bellezza

Come al solito, grazie Guru

Joey Zangari

Really do eagles editionThanks


I love corny stuff like dis

☥Princess Ichigo 🍓☥

I think I have Hysteria

Carolyn Fogarty

Giant Sumo battle

YoungNemo 666


I wish I had a big forehead

I read about you in 5th grade! It was on our: “Survival Stories Week 3” 😂


That happened to me now I am disabled

Leelavati B


NintendoNerd - Toby

GIANT BUNNY ATTACK its wierd how none of the other boats around it are aware lol there just like oh hey a giant oink stuffed bunnys coming out the water

Katie Patton

Who’s the guy with the beard tho👀

Ken Shu

I knew I recognized them drums in the baseline... They flipped Sean Kingston x Chris Brown's "Beat It"

Taylor Christenbury

Ty had a better finish


Minecraft blocks?!