When Someone Requests A Steve Vai Song

When someone requests A Steve Vai song you try to do your best.►Listen to it here: was a slow Tuesday night gig at a local brewery. I was drinking unsweet tea with cranberry juice.There were only few people in the audience and I was doing my live looping improvisation show. One lady was cracking jokes in between songs and then she threw out the most unexpected request I've ever received. I usually don't include audience interactions in my videos but this was so rare and funny I just had to keep it in.Although the live audience was less than five people the video has collected more views than I could have ever expected. Thank you everybody for your support and kind words! I will keep on making music and sharing it with you. Here's even a link to an article in Guitar World magazine about me! #guitar Thanks for watching! All important links are bellow.Subscribe to Dovydas channel for more.Leave a comment and a like if you enjoyed this video.Get music:💽►Amazon Music: Play: merch:subreddit: stream on Twitch: Follow on:me at davidsmashmusic📬 Fan Mail:DovydasPO Box 3406Sarasota, FL 34230Donations are appreciated!►Bitcoin Cash address:19Qs3P6xxWE9uh1v9Lo7WyqhsGJw8644UT►Ethereum address:0x80C081e349084479e6eCf3F6c2cd967C38B36944►Litecoin address:LWPj6VJLmTHGKVjRYNEhk22rcBYNMBWgVE►Bitcoin address:13LamyiLHtoePihpzihZMqYopSbYWtxGdR►PayPal email:davidsmashband@gmail.com►Patreon:business inquiries:stellonaut@gmail.com💽►Learn how to play guitar:how to sing:that I use:Main Guitar - Effects Processor - guitar - Hollow Body guitar - bass guitar - - camera - camera - microphone - - - microphone - gate pedal - pedal - synthesizer - Pedal - overtone pedal - pedal - pedal - pedal - PreAmp - Station -- pad - drum pad - effects - system - recorder - - Guitars - Cibotars - devices - Revelstar Stellonaut™©; Dovy™©; David Smash™©;all rights reserved 2018.

Sal Groe

Yankee Stadium

Evan Wagner

Laurel and Hardy vs. Tim and Eric

Madbob 5

Is it just me or should dude perfect be on America's got talent!?

jemajo francisco

mcgregor is the best

- adriana -

I really dislike these kind of videos because rug gives everyone their “reward” even though they got none right👎🏾 it’s a challenge , yeah yeah he’s trying to be nice but then again why even do the challenge if ur not gonna do it the way it’s suppose to be I meannn just my opinion

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Money isn't everything JJ...

Oliver Gittins

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2:06 Cube burger making hoe.

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obviously the portal easter egg was for portal 3 which takes place in space.......DUUUUUUUUHH....lol jk 

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I got confused with the title

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He locked a convertible at 5:21


Hed should be on the harlem globetrotters.


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Who else waited for this

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Naughty Dog like Giraffes like Michael Bay likes American flags.

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aww i feel bad for the depressed pizza guy




(2018/10/20 21:42:50)

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Ty looks mostly like his dad

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Back then when Jimmy Kimmel was more popular than dude perfect.

and also this tune is a classic simply divine

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What trampoline park was this