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More: Welcome to the 5th episode of Michael Maloney's Hidden Secrets Of Money. In this instalment, we travel to Berlin and Frankfurt, where we were able to film themoney museum inside the Bundesbank...one of the world's largest Central Banks. This episode serves as an ideal primer for those waking up to the monetary matrix around them, as it clearly shows the history of true money and why it so important to our freedom. The quality of a society is directly proportional to the quality of its money. Debase a currency for long enough, and you end up with dangerous deficits, debt driven disasters,and eventually...delusional dictators. History proves this to be true.For further insight on what it was like to film inside a central bank, check out the Exclusive Presentation that goes along with this episode at our website. In it, Mike tells what it was like to look at the displays and explanations from an Austrian Economics perspective. He also shows where he believes we are in the following cycles:Inflation/DeflationQuality Money/Quantity CurrencyCapitalism/CollectivismIt's a fantastic 30+ minute presentation which also reports on personal freedom, gold and silver,the US dollar, and economic freedom. Now I'd like to ask you , the reader, to dwell for a minute on Mike's last question in the video:What use is money if you don't have freedom?Enjoy this episode, and please share it far and wide. Drop us a line in the comments section below and let us know how we are doing .See you next week,DanFor more information about Gold & Silver or Mike Maloney, visit the Why Gold & Silver channel and subscribe: GoldSilver.com & Mike Maloney on other social networks:Blog: (GoldSilver): (Mike Maloney):

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