Wi-Fi का फुल फॉर्म क्या आप जानते हो ? WiFi Full Form and Random Interesting Facts - TEF Episode 19 - YouTube

We use Wi-Fi on a daily basis, but very few people may know the full form of it! The full form is actually Wireless Fidelity. We explore the science and the working behind wifi and many other random interesting facts in this video. This is the episode 19 of the Top Enigmatic Facts (TEF) series.My Website:Up Page: Profiles:

Mary Langley Taber

Titanic, The Office, and The Simpsons... all my favorites, even though they aren't anything alike 🙃 I was pretty surprised that Titanic wasn't in the first one because of how relaxing it is

Antoine Hrt

Nobody :2:18 : My DHL delivery driver, transporting expansive thing

Muhammad Imran Khan

Where was codyyou should make part 2 with cody

Oliver Roycroft

hoover dam

raptors fan😎

Danielle Lee

say panda boom but what ten times fast. tyler

Aye_ LilyPie

It wasnt really asmr, it became asmr once people considered it to be one.

brandon neff

Bro, all of your videos are just fucking food porn

Iris D

God I love him so much


Damn. You need to get a new friend.

Skyline Entertainment

I wish these stories were true...

Me: Omg were you ok?

Vlad B.


B1A4Jinyoung & BlackPinkJisoo

Guys the Ufo Easter eggs needed 100% game complete right?Does it mean the strangers and freaks need to complete too?

Lildream ay

Can we go back to the old days where when u did something bad, instead of jail, it was execution...THE MOTHER NEEDS TO BE DEAD FOR ALL THE THINGS SHE PUT HER DAUGHTER THROUGH !!!! ....

Tanbir Singh

1:22 Sims Frozen

10.000 subscribers without videos Challenge

6M views......6min later....6.7M views

Michell martinez guzman

Calls mom


That ending tho

Nic Mchardy

I saw the A113 logo on the truck the first time I saw the movie

Normal ppl: shittttt do I have enough gas?

Valerie S

Alvin is so nervous around her. He kinda likes her and tries to get closer but she’s not interested and keeps shutting him off lol he was leaning for a hug but she gave a high five instead


I didn't know the EXPcalibur body left the blueprint for the sword, I'll have to go check that out again.



Tuomas Paalanen


Cotton Claw

I just realized Ann was a name for her Anxiety XD

t r i s t a n - s a n

there was a car fixing ad when she passed out.

Ryker Vongrad

Your shorts are not backwards

Den888 999

Lol does anyone actually waste their time downloading one of these “play for free for a few days” games? What a joke.

Bilal Khalid

The fact that they don't celebrate and act like this is completely normal for them makes this video a million times more badass

Procrasti Nator

You guys are amazing.. Liked all of ur videos and feel very much happy watching your videos..My hero is Tyler though

Ale Mila

0:06 who’s this guy?