Wizard x LK ~ So What [Bass Boosted]

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Only if the skeletons in the BO 3 easter egg had the same lines as the skeletons in Chivalry...

The Great Micheal Wittmann Himself

I didn't see any guru easter egg in this video

Toto Torre

This is why you cannot smoke too much cigarettes.... They can kill you by destroying your lungs and have trouble breathing.


Is it me or does “wave walker” sound like “wave f***er”

Senpai Senshine

I’m confusion

Karen Hines

it must be pretty hard for them to not freak out after making the shot on the 28438363739226459th try



Brandon Stec

5:43 Dog in the background!!!!!!!!

Angela Garrett


I mean just look at them now, "RAWWWGHHHHH" and shit

Nice Try


0 _ 0

I love ❤️ this vid


These may be the best eastereggs i've ever seen. And where else to watch them than on the best easteregg/secrets channel?

It’s Zozo

Ty: say we go skiing and it’s cold outside 20 degrees

zombie kid

keep up the good work and keep us happy

Aisha Syeda

Looooool the memes are killing me 😝



kop nunu

woderfulDude perfect

 *If you need to talk to a programmer press any other key

Janna Rañin

Close to 1million subs

Levi Jones

a moment of silence for the old basketball court and all the balloons poped in this video

Khuzaima Usman

I don't understand this story.

Corgi Fluff

If she's going through all of that pain, then how is she narrating this video?

Simply Aquatic

this is sad



Look at panda

Laurent Herbert